Raising funds for social causes

Tenzing Sangnyi at the Panggong Lake in Ladakh in July 2016. photo credit: MissTibet.com

By Tenzing Sangnyi

It has been three months since I won the Miss Tibet crown. In this time, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of two fund raising events.

The first one was held in Ladakh on 18th and 19th July. The aim was to raise funds for the Tibetan settlement old age home (Gensokhang), so that they may be able to attend the 2017 Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya.

I was contacted by the organisation Lhaksam Group to be a part of it. I had heard from my friends in Ladakh that there are many old people there who have never gotten the opportunity to step out of Ladakh their entire lives. That really surprised me and I wished I could somehow help them. Therefore I agreed to it and completely supported the idea.

Being my first trip to Ladakh, I was in complete awe of its beauty.

Besides other artists and singers, Pema Choedon la (Miss Tibet 2015) was also a part of the event.

On arriving there we were all given a warm welcome by the organisers.

The concert was held for two consecutive days. On the first day I performed a group dance with Tibetan celebrity Tenzin Mariko la and Pema Choedon la to a popular Bhutanese song. We also walked the ramp in traditional costumes representing different regions of Tibet. On the following day, I sang a Tibetan and old Hindi song alongside one of our singers from Delhi, Tashi Topten la.

The event was successful and we were able to raise sufficient funds.

During our short stay in Ladakh, we visited various monasteries and the famous Pangong lake. The nomadic life and the sight of yaks grazing on the mountains were a treat for the eyes. The people of Ladakh are very amiable and gave us the best hospitality possible. I would definitely be going there again!

The second event I participated in was another fund raising event organised by the RTYC, Delhi. It was held on 13th August 2016 in Majnu ka Tilla.

Along with me, Miss Tibet 2015 Pema Choedon la and various other artists also participated and helped make this event a success.

It gives me immense pleasure to be of service to our community in any way possible. I hope to do many more and will soon initiate my own project to help the needy.

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