Condolence messages from Miss Tibets for Tsering Chungtak

Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak

Miss Tibet 2006, Tsering Chungtak, passed away in Delhi on Thursday due to a heart attack. Here are condolence messages from current and former Miss Tibets that we have received.

I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak la. Though I never got the opportunity to speak to her, I always heard positive things about her. I extend my most sincere condolences, thoughts and well wishes to her family. May God bless and comfort her family during this time of grief. She will be truly missed and I will include her in my prayers.
Om mane padme hung.
Tenzing Sangnyi, Miss Tibet
I am deeply saddened by the loss of Miss Tibet 2006, Tsering Chuntak, to whom I have always looked up as a senior at our university, JNU. You will never cease be the source of inspiration for me. I will truly miss your presence in the university. With the blessing of Buddha, may you have a swift rebirth to a higher realms.
Om mani padme hung.
Pema Choedon, Miss Tibet 2015
Deeply saddened by the sudden demise of Former Miss Tibet Tsering Chungdak la. In this sorrowful time, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family! May her soul rest in peace and entrust her family the strength and courage. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult phase of life.
Tenzin Yangzom, Miss Tibet 2014
Though I never had the pleasure of meeting the late Tsering Chungtak, I have read and heard so many wonderful things about her. Her bright personality and intelligence radiated on the world stage for all to see that Tibet was indeed in par with the rest of the world. I offer my condolences to her family and her friends and pray for her safe and easy passage into the next life. I hope this loss rouses in us, the fire to continue to contribute to community in whatever small ways we can, remembering that in altruism lies real peace and happiness.
Tenzing Lhamo, Miss Tibet 2013
I am deeply shaken and out of words. Can't believe that the most bravest loving soul has left us. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolence regarding the sudden demise of Tsering Chungtak La (Miss Tibet 2006) Sending strength and prayers to the entire family and near ones to overcome the pain. Om Mani Pedme Hung! RIP
Tenzin Yangkyi, Miss Tibet 2011
I cannot begin to convey how deep this loss will affect the friends and family of Tsering Chungtak. I knew her through the community of former and current Miss Tibets. I was deeply heartbroken when I heard the news of her passing and deeply regretful of the loss of such an inspiring young woman. She will always remain in our hearts. I hope her family will find peace in these difficult times and my warmest condolences go to them and all those who were impacted by this loss.
Tenzin Norzom, Miss Tibet 2010
As we all know, death is part of life cycle. But with heavy heart I’ve got to say that we lost one of the most talented and beautiful person like you. We never had conversation but I do keep updated on your activities which make all of us proud of you. I wish you in the next life you will be reborn as a Tibetan and continue what you had left to do.
In our hearts, you will be cherished.
In our prayers, you will be uttered.
My condolences to the Tsering Chungtak family.
Tenzin Choezom, Miss Tibet 2009
ཕྲན་ལ་མཚོན་ན་ཚེ་རིང་ཆུང་བདག་ལགས་ཀྱི་སྐྱོ་བའི་གནས་ཚུལ་དེ་ཐོས་མ་ཐག་སེམས་ཀློང་ན་མ་ཤོང་བའི་སྐྱོ་སྣང་བྱུང་སོང་། ཚང་མས་མཁྱེན་གསལ་ལྟར་ཚེ་རིང་ཆུང་བདག་ལགས་ནི་ཤེས་སྤྱོད་མཛེས་གསུམ་ཐོག་བོད་མི་རིགས་ཀྱི་བུ་མོ་རྣམས་ཀྱི་མཛངས་མའི་འཐུས་མི་མིང་དོན་མཚུངས་པ་ཞིག་རེད་སྙམ། འབྱུང་འགྱུར་བོད་པའི་བུ་མོ་རྣམས་ཀྱི་མིག་དཔེ་ཡར་ལྟ་བྱེད་ས་ཞིག་རེད། བོད་རིགས་ལ་དམིགས་བསལ་གྱི་ལ་རྒྱ་དང་སྙིང་སྟབས་མདོར་ན་འཛམ་གླིང་སྡིངས་ཆའི་ཐོག་བོད་མའི་དངོས་ཡོད་ཀྱི་གནས་སྟངས་དག་ཁྱབ་བསྒྲགས་བྱེད་ཐུབ་མཁན་ཞིག་སྟེ། ཁོང་མོ་ཚེ་ལས་འདས་པ་ནི་བོད་མི་རིགས་ལ་དམིགས་བསལ་གྱི་གྱོང་གུན་ཆེན་པོ་རེད། ཆེས་སེམས་སྐྱོ་སོང་།
Sonam Choedon, Miss Tibet 2008
It is really sad to hear such tragic news about Tsering Chungtak la, who gracefully passed her crown to me back in 2007. I feel lucky to have some beautiful memories with her in her short life. I still remember how she encouraged me when I was nervous during the Pageant. She was good friend, helpful, and a beautiful bold person. Her intelligence and her generous smile will always be remembered. My deepest condolences to her dear and near ones.. Om mani padme hung.
Tenzin Dolma, Miss Tibet 2007
I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear that Tsering Chungtak la, Miss Tibet 2006, is no more. "Om mane pedme hung"..... May her beautiful soul rest in peace. I send my heartfelt condolence to her family and friends. Hope Buddha bless them and give them all the strength to go through this difficult phase.
She will be deeply missed!
Tashi Yangchen, Miss Tibet 2004
ལོ་ཟླ་དེར་འུ་ཚོས་བསམ་མི་ཕོད་པའི་རྨི་ལམ་དང་ཕུགས་བསམ་གླེང་ཞོར། རྡ་སའི་རི་གྲོང་དང་ལྡི་ལི་སྲང་ལམ་སོགས་དགོད་སྒྲ་དང་འཛུམ་གྱིས་བཏུབས་མྱོང་ལ། ལང་ཚོ་དང་གཞོན་པའི་སེམས་ཀྱིས་གནམ་སྔོན་པོ་འདིའི་འོག་ནས་གོམ་པ་ཆེན་པོ་རེ་སྤོ་བར་དམ་བཅའ་བཞག་མྱོང་ཨཱང་། དེ་རིང་གློ་བུར་བའི་གཏམ་ངན་དེ་ཡིས་ངས་ཁྱེད་ལ་མཐའ་མའི་ལག་འཇུ་དང་བདེ་མོ་ཞིག་ཀྱང་འཇོག་ཁོམ་མ་བྱུང་བས། ངས་ཆོས་ཉིད་དང་མི་རྟག་གི་མན་ངག་ཟབ་ས་ནས། ཁུ་སུམ་མེར་ཁྱེད་ལ་སྐྱེལ་མ་བྱེད་བཞིན་ཡོད། སྙིང་ཉེ་བའི་ཚེ་རིང་ཆུང་བདག
Tsering Kyi, Miss Tibet 2003
I'm deeply saddened by the passing of my friend Tsering Chungtak. She was not just a beautiful woman, but a brilliant and caring person who loved her family, friends, and community. Her kindness and generosity for all people inspired me. Her intelligence and hard work were a model for young Tibetans.
I will cherish the memory of the times we spent together. You will be always in my heart, my dear friend.
Dolma Tsering, Miss Tibet 2002

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