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  1. Berg Zhou says:

    Continue to hold a pageant and join international pageant to be recognized by other countries. This will help you independence in the future.

  2. Sai Sridharan says:

    Respected sirs, the contest should be made more appropriate.
    1.) There should be no swimsuit round. It seems to distract from the Tibetan cause (it seems too Western).

  3. Zhaxi Tsomo says:

    Love the Tibetan dancing and singing and that you put Tibet on the map. Such a great idea and keep up the good work. Nice and positive, hope there are more beautiful contestants next time, just be yourself and promote the Tibetan culture, which is very special. Traditional and modern Tibetan things both nice. Lots of talent and beauty in Tibet.

  4. Dave says:

    It’s very proud to have this one. Who ever created it. One have to. But what I see and a little disagree with is it is too much Western go. We are Tibetan. Must show as Tibetan. Go as Tibetan. Compete in everything in our way, not any other. Because we have to represent ourselves, not others. So be Tibetan as we are I guess.

  5. kunga says:

    Upcoming Miss Tibet Pageant 2017. Nine beauties, to congratulate them for being empowerment for Tibetan women. Best of luck to you all.

  6. Tenzin Chokey says:

    Women empowerment … Making Tibet country proud … The endless dedication toward our nation is extraordinary … Congratulations to all the winners … Keep inspiring the young generations .. cheers … Free Tibet and Long live His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

  7. Karma Wangyal says:

    So proud of every contestant and the organizers for holding such beauty pageant for so long time. We all Tibetans would love to express our gratitude and support to such pageant due to which people from all over the world come to know about our country Tibet and the situation in Tibet. FREE TIBET AND BYOD GYALO.

  8. Prachurya Baruah says:

    To the board of Miss Tibet,
    I, Prachurya Baruah, a national award-winning artist, would like to join your contest committee and grab the opportunity to make it artistic. Artworks and Modelling would be a great idea …

  9. Sandy says:

    Now the result is out so i wish to congratulate every participant. Specially to the Miss Tibet 2016 Tenzin Sangyni. Stay blessed.

    Free Tibet…. Great Tibet…. Love your culture and people.

  10. Tenzin kyizom says:

    I don’t like misstibet……

  11. Tenzin Zomkyi says:

    All the future misstibet best of luck…………..

  12. sahir says:

    oh ! God plz i wish to marry in tibit az tibtian girlzn r cute

  13. Dawa Zam says:

    I like the Tibetan culture and tradition more over the beautiful girls of Tibet.

  14. samdup says:

    i like this

  15. Isabelle says:

    I would just like to say, i am interested in making contact and talk about Tibetan tradition and culture, with who better than a beautiful representative of Tibet, Miss Tibet.

  16. Yang hani says:


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