Why Miss Tibet? The objectives

Need for expanded opportunities for young Tibetan women

The Tibetan culture is a living, breathing, changing culture, with young women who wish to have the same opportunities as their counterparts in other parts of the world including education, travel and cross-cultural experiences. Young Tibetan women deserve the chance to be seen as part of their traditional culture and also beyond their culture, as contemporary, modern young women.

Due to the seriousness of the Tibetan refugee situation, there is a tendency among both Tibetans and the international community to assume that young Tibetan women must only be engaged in activities that are based in the traditional culture or working for the Tibetan cause.

This is a short-sighted view.

Tibetan women are like women everywhere

Tibetan women should be encouraged to demonstrate the full range of their capabilities and interests.

In the exile community, where the majority of Tibetan girls attend Tibetan-Indian schools, the opportunities for advancement are limited. As a third-world, developing country, with its own major problems, India is not the land of opportunity for Tibetan girls and young women.

The majority of Tibetan girls aspire to enter the professions of nursing, education (as teachers), or else to become office workers in the Tibetan government. A significant number, who do not have the opportunity to complete their education, end up as roadside workers selling Tibetan sweaters and other household goods, often along the major roadways of the large Indian cities, as kitchen helpers in restaurants, or as low-paid factory workers.

The Tibetan Exile Government provides some scholarships each year, which cover expenses for the first two to three years of university education in India. For those students who excel at the Bachelor of Arts level, it is possible to get government assistance to go on for a Master’s degree. Yet the number of the scholarships is limited and hence leaves little opportunity for the majority of prospective students.

Need for role models for Tibetan women

Tibetan girls are like girls everywhere; they need role models of women who have grown into skilled, educated, articulate productive members of society. At the present time, the role models for women are strong, but few. There is always the need for more women to emerge as role models for the younger generation, as spokespeople for their culture. And there is a need for these women to represent a variety of professions, attitudes, skills and interests.

Need to expand the international awareness of Tibetan culture and the Tibetan situation

It is important for Tibetans to be seen in the light of a full range of experiences in the world. There is a tendency for Tibetans to be only seen as a people that are in struggle against the Chinese, as a culture that is predominantly made up of Buddhist monks and nuns, as nomads who herd yaks. Or as people who are on pilgrimage to sacred sites or who live in caves in the mountains of Tibet.

The reality is that since 1959, over 120,000 Tibetans have escaped from Chinese-Occupied Tibet and taken up residence in other countries of the world. In these countries, they have pursued higher education (many attending universities in the United States on Fulbright Scholarships), established successful businesses, and have become professionals in a myriad of fields including law, medicine, engineering, web designing, building construction, journalism and photography.

To have international support for the plight of the Tibetan people, it is important to have many different venues to create awareness. Once we have established a Miss Tibet competition, we will be able to apply for representation in international competitions.

International competitions draw millions of viewers all over the world. To have representation in events like these, will create awareness about the Tibetan cause for a population that may not generally know about Tibet, yet which is composed of millions of men and women who could potentially be Tibet supporters.

MISS TIBET would be in an excellent position to speak about the Tibetan situation in international forums, drawing attention to the plight of the Tibetan people as well as the brilliance of the lifestyle and culture.


Millions of people all over the world are interested in the international beauty pageants and watch to see who represents each nation. As such, the MISS TIBET BEAUTY PAGEANT will bring Tibetan culture forward in time; it will provide a contemporary forum for Tibetan girls and women. The purpose is manifold:

  • To provide opportunities for education, travel and cross-cultural exchange for young Tibetan women. An orientation on Tibetan culture, history and current affairs will also be a part of the training.
  • To provide a forum for young Tibetan women to display their skills and talents in the international arena.
  • To create international awareness of the Tibetan traditional arts, culture and philosophy.
  • To create international awareness of the contemporary life of Tibetan people living in exile.
  • To draw international attention to the plight of Tibetans living under Chinese-occupied Tibet.

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  1. Sonam says:

    No disrespect — I read the article, and it’s good and inspiring, but in the end I felt more like thought of individual or two. I have a few concerns but the major on the topic Tibetan women are like women everywhere. On that topic the second phase those are big words. You got to concern with those kind of words because you guys are representing Tibet and before you write anything about India you have to be careful, because a majority of Tibetans are still living in India. Just one suggestion for future: If you write anything about any country, discuss with people, especially with the one who you writing about, and ask for suggestions and how they felt. Overall it’s good but you can do better.

  2. Tenzin Wangdu says:

    Miss Tibet is a platform like everywhere else, whosoever wins is in a better position to bring more awareness about Tibet’s situation and it empowers the Tibetan women to fight for their equal status. There are still a lots of things that the Miss Tibet criteria qualification, performances and the determination of how voting was done in the past.

  3. Sai Sridharan says:

    Respected sirs, please do not say India is a third-world country. India is one one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. I feel it will help improve support for the cause. People will be more interested in supporting the cause if the website speaks more positively about India.

  4. venkata kishore patcha says:

    Related to “As a third-world, developing country, with its own major problems,” in the text: …
    [[ I’m sorry mr venkata, these are good points, but don’t really bear on the subject of this page. thank you — web admin ]]

  5. Concern Tibetan says:

    [[ comment not posted – waiting for edits!

    Hi Concerned Tibetan —

    > i know this comment wont be up but still hope you guys read it before u decide to delete it.

    You make good points, and i would really like to post it if the wording could be made a bit more civilized 🙂 Please follow the Comment guidelines: “treat others with respect”, “not rude”, “no personal attacks” — and send it again, ok?

    in peace,

    — Web Admin

  6. Zafar says:

    It is commendable to see Tibetan women coming out of centuries of suppression. Three cheers to Lobsang!!!
    Z, Toronto, Canada

    • Sonkel says:

      Where is it said that Tibetan women were suppressed? To my knowledge Tibetan society has always been open, and freedom of women has been present for centuries. May all beings be happy.

      • Yangchen says:

        I agree. I come from a large extended Tibetan family and I can tell you firsthand, that woman have always had a big role. Woman aren’t marginalized here, and for some reason people assume that. If anything, I think woman are powerful in Tibet (or at least in my family).

  7. Nicky says:

    [[Deleted as not conforming to comment policy. Nicky la, please repost your comment — you can say the same thing in a way that can give insights and solutions!]]

  8. pompy says:

    Yes, today was watching on television (Indian) talk show — they were talking about the cause of Tibet — so I just searched on google and just had come to this site. It’s a known fact that for thousands of years Tibet was independent and selfish Chinese just took it. The Tibetan prime minister in exile Dr Lobsang Sangay said one nice thing: we must support Tibet based on our morals, our principles, rather than other interests. It’s impossible to fight the Chinese, but the world should just ignore the Chinese so that they economically break down, and Tibet gets liberated. Although difficult but desirable!

  9. Nawang Palmo says:

    Tibetan women can do far better things for their country, but the thing which they are lacking is opportunity, and thanks to this Miss Tibet contest our Tibetan women are coming out from their shell.

    In future I hope there will be even more programs for Tibetan women so that they can become stronger and lead our country to its rightful place.

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