About Us: The Miss Tibet 2014 Team Members

Director: Lobsang Wangyal Lobsang Wangyal
Co-ordinators: no photo Rinchen Nyima and Tenzin Dalha
Makeup and hair:
no photo
Tashi Choezom and Tsering Lhamo
Sound Technician: no photo Tenzin Dhonyoe
Website: Tibetan Geeks Tibetan Geeks
and James Walker

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  1. karma phuntsok says:

    great job guys. thumbs up

  2. Sonkel says:

    The self-immolations and horrible conditions in Tibet are so painful to me that i can hardly think straight. I don’t even know what to do and find myself thinking violent thoughts towards these people who think of having music and dancing and pageants — seems like a horrible insult to our pawos.

    I have a very hard time to think of celebrations happening here in my home Bylakuppe. I have a very hard time to understand how a pageant of women could do anything to help Tibet. Even when i read the about and FAQ pages, my grief is so strong that i can’t understand them.

    I hope i will come to understand the purpose of Miss Tibet Pageant, of people watching YouTube, chatting on Facebook, having parties, going to concerts, when all the pain of the world is going on.

    My Dalai Lama often teaches Lo Jong, and the fourth verse says:

    when i see beings of wicked natures
    affected with violent afflictions and pain
    may i hold these rare ones dear
    as if i had found a precious treasure.

    But this is so hard to understand.
    Does it mean i am supposed to hold Miss Tibet dear, and the staff of the Pageant?
    I don’t see how that can be possible!

    Tibetan Citizen Journalist

    [[ original comment translated by Web Admin

  3. tashi says:

    How can he run Miss Tibet when he can’t keep the files in place? I am really suspicious.


  4. tenzin says:

    Good team …loving your show always.. keep it up..

  5. Tenzin Choezom says:

    Hi team, finally Miss Tibet is over and i thank the whole team for making it successful. I really enjoyed the show, especially the Mr Lobsang Wangyal surprise gift (cartoon pic), Have a good time… will wait for next year same time…
    love coco

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