Will remain committed to the cause: Miss Tibet

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Tenzin Norzom has won the Miss Tibet 2010 contest and the 23-year-old says she will use her title to spread awareness about the Tibetan cause.

Norzom, who hails from Varanasi, won the title at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Art at Mcleodganj here on Sunday night.

"I am extremely happy winning the Miss Tibet 2010 crown. I will use my beauty title to promote awareness on Tibet," Norzom said adding her first priority will be to complete her studies.

She hoped that the win will encourage more young Tibetan women to participate in the pageant.

This was the ninth Tibetan beauty title, the series started since 2002 by Lobsang productions. The competition is still to be accepted by the Tibetan hard liners.

Norzom was born in Hunsur Tibetan settlement in South India, in 1986, and the beauty queen has just completed Shastri degree (equivalent to Bachelor of Arts degree) from the Central University of Tibetan Studies in Varanasi.

The crown along with a scholarship of Rs 100,000 was presented to Norzom by last year's Miss Tibet Tenzin Choezom.

Yangchen Metok (19) from Dharamsala was declared the first runner-up and given a scholarship of Rs 50,000. Rinchen Choden (25), the second runner-up, received Rs 25,000 as scholarship.

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