Rinchen Choden

Rinchen Choden

Rinchen Choden was born in Tawang in north eastern India in 1985. She is a hair stylist with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

She speaks English, Hindi, Tibetan, Tamil and Kanada, and likes reading, swimming and shopping.

She has many future goals in life, but says "we can only stick to a single goal and aim for it". Her goal right now is to take part in the 2010 Miss Tibet contest and win, so that later she can do something for her people and country Tibet, which is facing many troubles with the Chinese. In future she wants to become a top model which she has dreamt of since childhood.

I think the Miss Tibet Pageant can help the Tibetan issue in many ways. The Miss Tibet contest is an international platform. Miss Tibet represents all Tibetan girls and the Tibetan people. Thus with great power comes greater responsibility, and I think Miss Tibet will always fight for the Tibetan cause. It is the responsibility of all human beings to help peace-loving, peace-promoting cultures. Before our Tibetan identity is extinguished, it is our responsibility to help Tibet in such a noble cause, and to get back our motherland Tibet.

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