Tibetan beauty joins freedom march

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Tsering Chungtak with Tibetan flag

Tsering Chungtak

Former Miss Tibet, Tsering Chungtak, joined exiled Tibetans in their 'freedom' march here today.

She called for the international community's support for the Tibetan cause.

"We are protesting against the policy of the Chinese government. China has killed thousands of innocent Tibetans. Our brothers and sisters are suffering, they are oppressed. We want freedom and justice and urge the international community to support us," said Chungtak.

Under the banner of All India Tibetan College Students Mass Movement (AITCSMM), they raised slogans like 'What we want? We want dialogue, we demand dialogue', and carried out a march from Rajghat.

The sixth day of peaceful protest witnessed the participation of a large number of Tibetan students.

Protesters said that the younger generation would continue with their struggle for the Tibetan cause in a peaceful and non-violent manner.

Tibetans have been staging protests to garner international attention towards their cause.

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