Sonam Choedon

Sonam Choedon

Sonam Choedon was born in Lithang in Kham, eastern Tibet in 1990. She is a student, and has studied up to class 8 in Tibet. She can speak fluent Chinese, as well as Tibetan.

She came into exile in India in June 2008 in search of better opportunities to study. Her hobbies include dancing, reading and studying languages.

In the future she would like to become a dance teacher and also work on languages. She would also like to use her life and strength to help others in need as people have done for her when she first arrived in India.

By standing as a Miss Tibet, I would be speaking on behalf of the Tibetan people, telling their story and making people more aware of the Tibetan situation. I believe that awareness is the key issue, and hope that by sharing my story it will empower others to do the same.

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