Miss Tibet 2008

The Pageant 2008: Sunday 12 October

Miss Tibet 2008 Sonam Choedon

Miss Tibet 2008 Sonam Choedon

  • 23 February
    Tsering Chungtak lands in Taiwan
    Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak has landed in Taiwan at the invitation of the Miss Taiwan organisation. Chungtak was received by Miss Taiwan and other members of Miss Taiwan organisation at the Taipei airport. ... read story

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  • Sonam Choedon from Tibet crowned Miss Tibet 2008
    18-year-old Sonam Choedon from Lithang county, eastern Tibet, was crowned Miss Tibet 2008 as colorful firecrackers repeatedly blossomed into the dark air
  • Miss Tibet 2008 crowned
    18-year old Sonam Choedon from Lithang, in eastern Tibet, was crowned Miss Tibet 2008.
  • Miss Tibet 2008 beauty pageant attracts only two contestants
    Two Tibetan damsels will compete in the Miss Tibet beauty pageant 2008 starting here on October 12. The names of two participants would be disclosed on Sunday. Tibetans say that current unrest in Tibet and their extremely conservative society are factors responsible for the poor response.
  • Tibetan beauty joins freedom march
    Former Miss Tibet, Tsering Chungtak, joined exiled Tibetans in their 'freedom' march here today. She called for the international community's support for the Tibetan cause. "We are protesting against the policy of the Chinese government. China has killed thousands of innocent Tibetans. Our brothers and sisters are suffering, they are oppressed. We want freedom and justice and urge the international community to support us," said Chungtak.
  • Interview: Miss Tibet shares thoughts on sports and pageants
    Standing in front of an oversized picture of the Dalai Lama, the 23-year-old Tibetan beauty queen from India clasped her palms together and bowed her head before pulling up a chair. "I respect His Holiness and I follow his teachings," she said, saying the phrase "role model" was grossly insufficient to describe the impact that the Tibetan spiritual leader has had on her and on the world, "because he is everything." ... read story

Other news

  • Former beauty queen fights for human rights
    – Set against the backdrop of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad address at the United Nations General Assembly, former Miss Canada Nazanin Afshin-Jam stood across the street at a rally earlier this week in an appeal to raise awareness of the 139 minority children scheduled for execution in her native country of Iran.

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Press Statement: Two to Tango for 2008!

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