Pema Ona Kartso is Pacific Island Princess

Pema Ona Kartso

Pema Ona Kartso with her trophy

Pema Ona Kartso

Pema with her mother

Pema Ona Kartso

Pema with her father and other friends

28 September 2007 — Two-year-old Pema won the title of Pacific Island Princess, a pageant for toddlers, on 23 September 2007 on Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Her father Dorjee says Pema did very well in her performances.

"Pema waved her hands to the audience, the way she smiled and gave kisses was all so amazing."

Dorjee's wife Dolma (Pema's stepmother), was her chaperone.

Pema will now go on to participate in the grand All-Pacific Island Pageant 2008 on 11 April 2008 on Hawaii (Big Island).

There are 11 Tibetans living on Maui of the total 15 Tibetans on all the Hawaiian islands. The Dalai Lama visited Maui in April 2007.

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