Miss Tibet 2007


Miss Tibet 2007 Tenzin Dolma

Miss Tibet 2007 Tenzin Dolma

"China forced Miss Tibet 2006 to quit Miss Tourism Pageant of Malaysaia 2007"
Tsering Chungtak said that China pressured the competition organisers to replace her "Miss Tibet" sash with one reading "Miss Tibet-China". When she refused, she was told she would have to leave the Miss Tourism Queen 2007 competition.
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The Pageant 2007: 12 to 14 October

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  • Tibetan quits pageant over China title | AP
    A Tibetan woman said Wednesday that she pulled out of a beauty pageant in Malaysia after organizers, reacting to pressure from Beijing, told her halfway through the event that she could only participate if she added "China" to her "Miss Tibet" title. ...
  • Miss Tibet slams China over expulsion from pageant | AFP
    A Tibetan contestant barred from participating in a Malaysian beauty pageant blamed China on Wednesday for her exclusion from the international event. ...
  • For China, even a beauty pageant must toe the party line | CNSNews
    China's well-known determination to deny Tibet and Taiwan international legitimacy has impacted millions of people over the past half-century, but for one young woman, Beijing's policy has spoiled a simple, personal dream. ...
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