Tseten Yangzom Kawa

Tseten Yangzom Kawa - Miss Tibet 2006 Contestant

Born: 20 June 1985
Height: 165 cm Weight: 49 kg
Bust: 82 cm Waist: 62 cm Hips: 88 cm

Tseten Yangzom is 21 years old. She was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she also resides. She likes travelling, swimming, cooking, and golf.

She is studying fashion designing in Kathmandu, and she is also a model. She was the first-runnerup and Miss Personality in Miss Diamond Nepal 2005.

She believes "karam karo phal ke aasha madh karo" — we don't have to leave hope and depend on Karma.

'' Woman, beauty and crown are always related to each other. In any country a woman who wins the crown stands in front of the world to represent her country and the people. As we all know Miss Tibet will be the woman who will always try to tell the whole world that Tibet and Tibetans still exist. I am sure when this busy world and people see Miss Tibet, it will make them ask ... so what about Tibet? This question is not only for one particular person. It is for the world where all humans want independence, freedom and democracy. Inside each Tibetan there is a soul of Tibet, and our Tibet is waiting for all Tibetans since 1959. Freeeeeeeeeee Tibettttttttttt ''

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