Tashi Yangchen's farewell note

LONDON, England, 6 October 2005

Tashi Yangchen, Miss Tibet 2004

Tashi Yangchen, Miss Tibet 2004
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My journey as Miss Tibet has been one of the most memorable moments of my life. It's hard to express in words how wonderful my 365 days of glory, fame and responsibility as Miss Tibet 2004 has been.

I am proud that I could contribute in my own small ways to many different causes. During my reign, I visited many schools, orphanages and did all the best I could with my capability to help and support them.

Within every person, lies the word 'Human.' A human should long to be a better person and help others through compassion and kindness by being more selfless.

I was and am, the same person before and after the crowning but I must say this journey as Miss Tibet has brought me closer than I was to the word 'Human' and I continue to remain so.

Miss Tibet is not just about fame, glory and beauty, but in my view it has more depth to it. This pageant is the only pageant in the world in which the contestants have to give a presentation on any topic, on the spot, which in my view is very stimulating and challenging.

Miss Tibet has indeed been a very positive experience for me and I shall always cherish it. As far as I am concerned, there's no stopping me back — I Dare to Dream — and yes, I am proud of it.

Being fiercely ambitious, after my software engineering, working in IT and winning Miss Tibet, I am at present doing my Masters in business administration.

Thank you to everyone for the great learning experience Miss Tibet 2004 has been. It has made an invaluable contribution to every aspect of my life.

Every woman has within her the power to create, nurture and transform. If she is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted then she can achieve anything!

I sincerely want to thank all my fans and critics. You all have been so Wonderful!

Thanking you once again. I remain, yours sincerely,

Tashi Yangchen

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