Lone contender to become Miss Tibet

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DHARAMSALA: A lone contender will yet again sashay up the ramp at this year's Miss Tibet pageant on Oct 8 and she will of course be the winner.

The event will be held at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in this Himachal Pradesh town, where the Tibetan government in exile is based.

The name of the new Miss Tibet will be disclosed when she is crowned and presented with a scholarship cheque of Rs.100,000, said Lobsang Wanggyal, producer-director of the Miss Tibet beauty pageant.

She will also present a dance performance besides answering questions from judges.

Applications for participation in the pageant were received from Canada, Nepal, Switzerland, Thailand and the US, but only one participant turned out.

Others did not contact the organisers after submission of their applications despite efforts to ascertain their status. The reason for staying out from participation remains unknown to the organisers.

This is the second time that only one applicant has turned up in the pageant. In a similar situation in 2003, Tsering Kyi was declared unopposed winner of the title.

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