Penpa Lhamo unable to participate in Miss Tibet Pageant

Penpa Lhamo

30 September 2004

Dear Lobsang Wangyal,

It pains me a lot to inform you that I will not be able to take part in the contest. I was laid down with pneumonia and went for a medical check up just few days back. And I have to undergo treatment for 14 days and the doctor is afraid that travelling would prove costly to my health. So he is completely against my travelling plan and moreover I am advised to take complete rest for a period of one month.

You know, I am feeling a bit weak these days and we cannot take pneumonia for granted. Doctor says pneumonia leads to terrible lung infection if not taken seriously.

I am terribly sorry that I will have to give it up. I was looking forward to it and was so excited about it. But I am helpless as my health is not allowing me to take part in the constest. I am missing such a golden opportunity. I used to take part in any competition that comes my way.

I feel that I am bit unfortunate. Right from the first Miss Tibet contest I was looking forward to take part in the contest. The last two contests, I just could not make it as we have had semester exam during the last two years. I had high expections from this year's contest. I was planning to get an audience with Samdong Rinpochen and wanted to explain how the contest could bring awareness about Tibet and its issues.

I was optimistic that being a media person, I would be able to draw support from our govt in-exile. or atleast move them to think over it. As i know what attracts the media persons and what prirority that we give for. Anyways I will try my luck next time.

My wishes and prayers are always there with you. Do wish all the participants from my side.

With best wishes,

Penpa Lhamo

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