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Tsering Kyi in Austria
Tsering Kyi in Austria
Tsering Kyi in Austria

VIENNA, Austria, 17 September 2004

Hello ...

I am very glad when I read the mail and also I am very glad to see the new contestants. Now Tibetan girls seem to be waking up.

I am sorry that I did not get time to send mail earlier because I went to Germany. I came back today.

I have a programme on Sunday, the 26th. Maybe it will work good. I will call the Miss Austria office and see if she can be a part of the show.

The Tibetans living in Austria got together at one Indian restaurant. They invited me as a guest. I was very happy with them.

This coming Saturday, 18.9.04 I have to make a speech about women of Tibet. It will be in English. I will make a lot of mistakes in English but I would like to make mistakes. Only then I will improve.

In the same evening there is a big party organised by Save Tibet organisation. They invited me and I will make a speech again. Everything will be in English!

You do not worry. I will try to do my best.

So, in all, I have three programmes. One I arranged myself.

I have attached some photos. May be they are not good. I will send you some more soon.

OK, I stop here with best wishes. I hope we will meet soon, as I hope to be there before 5.10.04. Do not worry I will not be late [to pass on the crown].

Tsering Kyi

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