Miss Tibet 2004


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  • Miss with a Mission | Times News Network
    October 20: A qualified computer engineer, she wants to continue her education as her parents have always stressed on academics. But right now, studies aren't on Tashi Yangchen Serdup's mind. She's just been crowned Miss Tibet and wants to create awareness about Tibet globally. ...
  • Miss Freedom | The Indian Express
    October 17: Kalsang Dickey fled Lhasa to take part in the Miss Tibet contest. Last week, Manraj Grewal saw her live out her dream. It was a friend from McLeodganj who first told her about the night they crowned Miss Tibet. About the girl from nowhere who would now represent Tibet on the world stage. ...
  • Ugly row over Tibet beauty contest | Asia Times, Hong Kong
    October 16 – Dharamsala: The new Miss Tibet is swimsuit-shapely, talented, articulate and dedicated to Tibetan culture and the Dalai Lama. Tashi Yangchen is a 24-year-old computer engineer from Sikkim, India. Her actual politics are vague, but when it comes to Tibetan culture, her passion is powerful. She recently was crowned here in north India, despite criticisms from those who say the very idea of a Miss Tibet and a swimsuit competition flies in the face of Tibetan Buddhist ideals and traditions. ...
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