A sash that said "Tibet" was the best part

DENVER, USA, 30 December 2003

The best part of the entire experience was wearing a sash that said TIBET on it. It didn't matter that I was born in India, or that I lived in the U.S.

Tenzin Deki at Miss Tourism World

The fact of the matter is that I'm a Tibetan and I got to represent Tibet. Being able to represent Tibet on such an international level made me so proud and my feelings were so unbelievable!!!

Many people there knew about Tibet, and, of course, had heard about His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Although there were times when I had to correct some people about Tibet being Tibet and not a part of China, but other than that a lot of people recognised Tibet.

Mr. John Singh, the President of Miss Tourism World organisation, told me that he thought I was a very elegant lady and a good person, and that good people are very rare these days. He also said he will give me a personal invitation to any of his pageants in 2004. After that conversation I felt as though I had succeeded in representing Tibet through gentle, peaceful and down to earth characteristics that we Tibetans have acquired from our culture.

This was a priceless experience, being a student in college with a part time job, keeps me very busy all the time but when a situation like this comes up and theres an opportunity for ME to do MY part for Tibet, my country, I couldn't resist.

With the current situation in Tibet and the point in Tibetan history we've reached, everything helps, and representing Tibet in this pageant is my small way of telling the rest of the world, Yes Tibet is and always has been its own country.

TIBET may you be redeemed someday soon, I love you!!!


Miss Romania, Alina Ciorogariu, won the Miss Tourism World 2003. Miss Brazil, Nancy Randall, was adjudged the 1st Runner Up while Miss Puerto Rico, Dignelis Jimenez stood at 2nd Runner Up. - Ed.

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