The crowning of Miss Tibet 2003

DHARAMSALA, India, 9 October 2003

The crowning of Miss Tibet 2003 was, again, another spectacular and memorable show in Dharamsala. The show began with Sheri Winkelmann, a theatre artiste from the US taking the stage as the compère of the show. She introduced the show and invited two dedicated members of the Miss Tibet team, Ngawang Samdup and Sonam Gyatso, to light the Free Spirit torches. This was followed by a spectacular fireworks show.

The Director of the pageant, Lobsang Wangyal, came on the stage to present the Free Spirit speech. This fierce and straightforward piece of speech clamped down upon the people who didn't pay for their tickets. He also landed outcry over the lack of confidence of the Tibetan woman to raise their head in public and silent condemnations by the people for anybody, especially Tibetan girls, who try to rise up. He praised Tsering Kyi as a confident, brave and a dedicated girl, who has visions to serve and fight for the Tibetan people and their cause.

A video presentation of Dolma Tsering's participation in Miss Tourism Intercontinental in Malaysia drew much applause from the crowd. When she was awarded the Miss Goodwill title, in the video, the crowd went hysterical.

Dolma entered the stage amidst much cheer and clangour from the crowd. She shared her experiences as the first ever Miss Tibet, and how important it was for her and for Tibet. She wished there were more contestants in the pageant.

The much awaited excitement was finally broken when Tsering Kyi, Miss Tibet 2003, took the stage. The crowd roared with exicitement. She walked down the ramp in an evening gown as Sheri introduced her.

Tsering Kyi said she felt sad that there were no other contestants. "I participated in the pageant as a responsible Tibetan woman and to show my support for the noble idea of holding Miss Tibet pageant".

"Winning a pageant is one thing and participating in the pageant is another. I hope there are more girls in next year's pageant."

Tenzin Dhundup, a singer from Nepal who has TC Band, performed a specially composed song for Miss Tibet. The score was a fusion of rap and hip-hop. This song may come in his forthcoming new album that will have a big hip-hop touch.

Dolma Tsering took to the stage again to present a dance to the latest Tibetan hit song from Tibet - "Achala Pema Yangchen".

Tsering Kyi came on stage again, this time adorned in traditional costume from her village in Amdo in north-eastern Tibet, to present two poems. The first poetry was composed by several well known poets who are in Tibet. She chose their poetry so that their voices may also be well represented at this event. The second poem was her own composition. Her book of poetry (in Tibetan, 152 pages) may be had on request through us; costs Rs 50 excluding postage.

The time has now come for the moment of the night - the crowning of the Miss Tibet 2003. Dolma Tsering came on to the stage to pass on the crown. As the former and the new Miss Tibet greeted each other and Dolma congratulated Tsering Kyi, the excitement was clearly in the air. Amidst a cheering and congratulating crowd Dolma crowned Tsering Kyi, Miss Tibet 2003.

The Director of the pageant, Lobsang Wangyal, presented Tsering Kyi the Miss Tibet scholarship, a cheque of rupees one lakh (Rs 100,000.00). The scholarship cheque is given to each year's Miss Tibet winner to further her educational and academic opportunities.

Media fervour for the pageant was huge again. Enthusiasts included BBC, CNN, the biggest Indian newspapers, a host of other news services and magazines, and the whole of local media.

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