Dolma fails to compete in the Miss Tourism World pageant

Dolma failed to compete in the Miss Tourism World pageant held in Turkey from 9th to the 20th of December 2002.

It was our failure. Dolma didn't have her Identity Certificate (the Yellow Book) ready. We put in every effort to get it on time, running from one desk to another, as fast as we could.

Then the time began to run short and the day we got the Yellow Book, the 9th of December, it was also the day we were supposed to be in Ankara, Turkey where the pageant was held.

Miss Tibet Dolma's photo was in the contestant's list among contestants from 74 other countries. A Chinese contestant was also there initially but withdrew for some reason later on.

The MTW organisation have been very helpful and understanding with us and told us it would be fine if we could come in two or three days.

We went to the Embassy of Turkey on the 10th. They have been very keen to receive us but told us to collect the visa after a week! There was no other choice then and had to drop out from the Miss Tourism World pageant.

MTW eagerly invited us to compete in their pageant and as their support for the Miss Tibet pageant waived 1000 pound sterling entrance fees from us.

And, now we still have the place reserved for the next year! Thank you Miss Tourism World.

There have been a number of people who helped to groom Miss Tibet, Dolma Tsering, to compete in Miss Tourism World.

Sonam Dubal, a well-established Tibetan fashion designer with many foreign fashion shows, helped us with Dolma's wardrobe. He also gave valuable tips on stage presentation.

Sanskar is Sonam Dubal's trade mark. He is based in New Delhi.

Kalden Dorjee, another well-established Tibetan fashion designer helped Dolma's wardrobe. He has been a valuable help in grooming Dolma in both word and spirit.

Kalden designs for the American company - Dzi Collections. He lives in Delhi with his wife.

Robert Thurman, actress Uma Thurman's father, better known as a Tibetologist and a Scholar in Buddhism, helped the Miss Tibet's Turkey trip donating 500 USD. He also promised to raise some more funds for the pageant.

Bob appreciated the Miss Tibet pageant because the pageant is not just about face and body. It is focused more on the inner beauties of women, like what His Holiness the Dalai Lama thinks the beauty pageants should be.

"Beautiful face and body maybe is important but inner beauty is more important." - HH the Dalai Lama.

Bob appreciated the Miss Tibet pageant looking at the broader concept and the objectives of the pageant.

We have been receiving invitations to other beauty pageants. Whether we be able to participate in such pageants will depend on how much support we get from you!

To have Tibetan representatives in international pageants will bring in much awareness on the Tibetan issue and this is one of the main goals of holding the Miss Tibet pageant.

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