Day Two: Presentation & Talent Rounds

Dharamsala, 11 October 2002: The second day of the first-ever Miss Tibet Pageant took off at 7pm at TIPA Auditorium.

Dolma Tsering Lhakpa Dolma
Tenzin Diki Tenzin Yangkyi

The Presentation Round highlighted the contestants' grasp of Tibetan culture, history and current affairs. The topics were lottery-drawn half an hour prior to their speeches.

Tenzin Yangkyi spoke on how distinct Tibetans are from the Chinese. She said one of the main difference is Tibetans belief in 'Karma' or the 'cause and effect' theory.

Tenzin Diki spoke about Tibetan political prisoners and said of all she has been inspired the most by Takna Jigme Sangpo. Takna Jigme was recently released on medical parole by China after serving more than three decades in prison.

Then Lhakpa Dolma spoke about Buddhism and how it guides her daily life. She pointed out that Buddhism is not just about going to the temple, prostrating and chanting mantras. For her Buddhism is about living a life with purpose and a good heart.

The last contestant for the presentation round, Dolma Tsering, spoke on her favourite kings of Tibet. She spoke about King Songtsen Gampo and the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

The next section – Talents round – saw the girls crooning and putting on their dancing shoes. In this round the girls were asked to show their talents in any arena of their choice.

The crowd was treated to a Tibetan rendition of Celine Dion's 'My heart will go on' by Tenzin Yangkyi. Shakira's 'Underneath your clothes' by Tenzin Diki got the crowd shouting for more. While Lhakpa Dolma's patriotic Hindi number 'Ay Watan' pumped up the audience. The round was concluded by Dolma Tsering doing the famous 'Sonam Yardo', which is the latest song originating from Tibet to catch the exile youth's attention.

Jampa Pal Drukmo
Kelsang Gya Tenzin Chokey

Tenzin Chokey from Dharamsala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Jampa, a Tibetan who is studying in Taipei, left the crowd breathless – Chokey with her rendition of Bryan Adams' "Have you ever really loved a woman?," and Jampa with his own 'Tibetan blues.'

Pal Drukmo and Gonpo Kyab, sang a soulful song about Tibetan nomads. Thanks to these talented local artists, the crowd was kept entertained during the breaks.

This round was beautifully presented by Kalsang Gya, a Tibetan living in Canada.

The Miss Tibet Team Team taking a bow 
       at the end of the second round of Miss Tibet. 
       Photo: Jude Caris

The evening ended with the Miss Tibet Team theme song by Tsering Lodoe, a senior artist at TIPA. The whole Miss Tibet Team joined on the stage later on.

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