Miss Tibet Pageant 2002 takes off with swimsuit round

Dharamsala, 10 October 2002: Amidst much fanfare the swimsuit round of the Miss Tibet Pageant, took place today.

In what a Tibetan would say was an auspicious beginning, the Dharamsala sky was overcast and showered down later in the morning and in the evening. Yet when the girls walked out in their swimsuits, even the reluctant sun came out.

This first round of the pageant was closed to the public and only the media were allowed.

For the first time members of the jury were presented to the media: Her Royal Highness, Princess of Kangra, Tikkarani Shailja Katoch; Mr. Vijay Kranti, a long time Tibet friend; Mrs. Angela Donahue, former Mrs. Hawaii; and Dr. Kenneth Delbray, another Tibet friend from Scotland.

Next day at 7 pm the Presentation round and the Talents round will take place at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts.

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