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Tenzin Norzom

Tenzin Norzom is a student with Bachelor’s degrees in Arts and Education, and is now doing a teacher training course. She is from Kullu Manali, India, and is 22 years old. She spends her spare time playing sports, singing, swimming, and dancing. She’s a member of the Tibetan Woman’s Football Team, and had played in Germany against players from many countries, most notably against a team from China. She speaks Tibetan, English, and Hindi.

Norzom has chosen teaching as her prime ambition. She believes that teaching is one of the most influential vocations ever in life. Through it we can inspire and motivate people in ways that can change their lives. She says that as we all know, in order to frame a good nation we have to first foster the knowledge of the youngsters, who are eventually going to be the ones to hold the nation in future.

People may only see Miss Tibet as a glamorous title. But lots of hope and responsibility is tied along with the tiara, as a great route to spread awareness about Tibet.

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