Tenzin Khechoe

Tenzin KhechoePhotographer unknown

Tenzin Khechoe

Tenzin Khechoe is 22 years old, from Bangalore, India. She is a student, in her third year of Bachelor’s of Science in nursing. She speaks Tibetan, English, and Hindi, and uses her spare time interacting with older people.

Khechoe would like to become a successful doctor, and help people regarding health issues by visiting different places and save other lives. She also hopes to help provide opportunities for education to the new generations and provide a forum for young women to display their skill and talent. She dreams to create an international awareness of Tibetan culture, arts, and the life of Tibetan people living in exile.

I think this Miss Tibet will definitely help the Tibetan issue by representing Tibet to other countries and making people in the world aware of our country Tibet.

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