Chemi Kyizom


Chemi Kyizom

Chemi Kyizon is from Delhi, India, and is 20 years old. She has a BA in English literature. Chemi speaks Tibetan and English, and enjoys travelling, exploring, cooking, reading, and socializing.

it was Chemi’s goal to take part in this Pageant back when she was in TCV school, and she is making it happen now.
In her coming years she wants to set herself as a role model for young Tibetan women as someone they can look up to. She wants to persist in her work in dedication to the Tibetan freedom movement and women’s empowerment.

I want to thank Mr Lobsang Wangyal for creating a platform for Tibetan women. The supernova of this Pageant leads to international pageant contests and lets many people be aware of our country Tibet.

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