Tenzing Sangnyi

Tenzing Sangnyi

Tenzing Sangnyi

Tenzing Sangnyi is from Manali and is 21 years old. She is 169 cm tall. She is a BSc (Honours) Nursing student in Delhi.

She likes to sing, participate in activities for the environment, debate, and host college events.

Being raised by a single mother, she has witnessed the struggle and strife women face each day, and knows it is not easy living in a world with no sense of protection. It has become her personal agenda in life to work for the safety and well-being of women and children.

She believes that the Miss Tibet Pageant creates awareness on an international level and brings support for Tibet from around the world.

The Miss Tibet Pageant helps in letting the world know that we Tibetans are so much more than just a community fighting against China.

Tenzing thinks that the Miss Tibet Pageant definitely empowers young women and makes them strong and independent. It provides Tibetan women with experience, helping them contribute towards the growth of their community.

We are developing along with the world and slowly embracing modern times. The Miss Tibet Pageant celebrates this modernity.

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