Tenzin Dawa

Tenzin DawaPhotographer unknown

Tenzin Dawa

Tenzin Dawa is from New York and is 17 years old. She is 165 cm tall. She is studying in the 11th grade. She likes singing, dancing, and cooking.

She hopes to be a part of the music industry as she aspires to become a singer. Visit her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/tenzinlamaa

She intends to learn more about the world by visiting new places and helping others on the way.

The Miss Tibet Pageant can help the Tibetan issue as it can help spread the conflicts and struggles which Tibetans face to the people who may not be aware of the situation.

The only reason why I would travel so far (from the US) to participate in this Pageant, is because I truly believe it can make a difference.

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