The Event: Miss Tibet Pageant 2011  Contestants

Chemi Lhazom is an MBA student from Delhi. She was born in 1986, and is 165 cm tall. She can speak Tibetan, English, and Hindi. She likes travelling, listening to music and to learn new things. The first goal in her life is to repay the tenderness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, given to the Tibetan people. go to bio

Dolma Tsering works at Infosys, the second-largest IT company in India. She was born in 1986, and is 165 cm tall. She holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. She can speak English and Tibetan, and likes dancing. Her future goal is to do something that will make her parents proud of her, and her country Tibet as well. go to bio

Ngodup Dolma is a nurse from Australia. She was born in 1986, and stands at 165 cm. She has completed her degree in nursing in Australia. She likes reading, singing, dancing, and playing basketball. Her long-term plan is to become a midwife, and to be a good role model for the young generations of Tibet. go to bio

Tenzin Khecheo is a college student from Minnesota, US. She was born in 1991 and is 171 cm tall. She is pursuing her college degree, and she likes learning new things. Her goals for the future are first, to graduate from a University with a degree in Nursing, specialising in pediatrics, and also to be a part of Tibet's struggle. go to bio

Tenzin Sangmo works as a cashier in McLeod Ganj. She was born in 1986. She is 165 cm in height. She has a B Com degree and likes travelling. She wants to pursue a career in the aviation sector, and become an air hostess. She loves to travel, and thinks her career choice would help her in fulfilling her dream. go to bio

Tenzin Yangkyi is a student from Zurich, Switzerland. She was born in 1993 and has a height of 171 cm. She has just completed Class 10. She can speak Tibetan, German, and English, and likes singing, dancing, travelling, and sports. Her main aim is to become a successful model in future. go to bio

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  1. Stephen Cochrane says:

    Miss Tibet should be a person I could talk to about the history and aspirations of Tibet in English. An Ambassador for the top of the world. ❤

  2. Hari says:

    Nice to enjoy.

  3. Lobsangtenzin says:

    Lobsang Wangyal la… Please don’t delete which people comments of right or wrong la and don’t be shy loop

  4. Lobsangtenzin says:

    Lobsang wangyal ..Now We came to know that you are choosing miss Tibet youself most of the year.and moreover judgers are just decoration.its aweful that you own crowned to a gal ..who is not pure tibetan-who is under 18years-who even can’t proper ramp on the stage–poor education standard–in nutshell your miss Tibet is nothin but Sugarcover-Unfair and cos of [email protected]

  5. Sonam says:

    Mr Logyal la
    Thank you for the beautiful event …
    Bhotgyal lo

  6. lhagyal says:

    So far So good.

    Great and good job.

    mammoth of congratulations for your success…

    good luck ahead…


  7. karma samphel says:

    hi wish you all best but know that there will be only one who will wear the crown

  8. Sonam says:

    Hi Lobsang Wangyal la, Many many Tashi Delek for 10th Anniversary for Miss Tibet Pageant. I am supporting you and whatever otherw say, you are doing great. My vote goes to Tenzin Khechoe because she looks tall, beautiful, she has model looks and i think she is the best from all of them. Thanks.

  9. tash says:

    Hi, Is there a Facebook link to this page and Miss Tibet? Then we can share this with more people.

  10. Dolma Tsering says:

    Wishing all the best to the contestants, I am really happy to see all these brave and beautiful Tibetan girls participating in this pageant.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  11. Tenzin says:

    i am going to choose also Sangmo becoz she’s very nice girl n very good talented young girl so finaly i wish to her win to miss tibet 2011………..

  12. Tendol says:

    Thanks to Lobsang Wangyal lak. Good luck for the six beauty contestant of 2011. My vote will goes to Ten Yangkyi from Swiss. Tall, beauty, brave, and intelligent.

  13. Seble says:

    I am going to Vote for Ngodup Dolma, because i believe that she is one of the smartest & she has such an amazing drive to help and stand up for her country to show the world about Tibet and its culture. Go girl, you are the best.

  14. Tseten Norbu says:

    I have nothing to say about gals, they all look perfect for Miss Tibet pageant. And Mr. Lobsang Wangyal you are doing a great job there. Wish you all the best. We all appreciate your Work. And I like your style. Good Luck ahead.

  15. namgyal dolma says:

    i will support fom khechoe.she was da best n v need talented n also beautiful

  16. jang chup says:

    i support sangmo, she is most beautiful among them.

  17. gawa tenpa says:

    i am going to choose sang mo.because she is very sincere,kind,educated and her height is very convince and fit.

  18. Tenzin Sangmo says:

    It’s really nice platform. And all the best beauties. But i don’t wonder about age born 1986. All I wonder is why three of them are 165 cm and two of them are 171cm. It’s like cut list. Oh yeah that means real Tibetan.

  19. tenpaksam says:

    Tashi Delek all!

    I am happy for this 10th anniversary of Miss Tibet and thanks for Lobsang Wangyal la and Good Luck for the Miss Tibet pageant!
    Bod-Gyal lo!

  20. Tashi W. says:

    Those who were born in 1985 are not eligible to take part in pageant ….. because the age of upto 25 is allowed, I guess.

    As for the event. This is such a great platform not only to present themselves to the international community, but also to learn more about the less things and less about more things.

    All the Best to one and the only show man, The Lobsang Wangyal

  21. Palmo says:

    Lobsang Wangyal is doing great and i fully support him. But i wish he will crown a girl who is talented and an activist for Tibet issue. Most of the girls are always using some sweet words in front of audience and journalists, but it’s never going to happen. Miss Tsering Kyi is the best choice by Lobsang Wangyal. I wish more girls like her would come out. Thanks. I am a supporter of you.

  22. Sonam Palmo says:

    Why these contestants from India are all 1986 born… is there any speciality with this date?

  23. Tenth anniversary with six beautiful and brave contestants .:. Miss Tibet says:

    […] all the contestants at Wishing that you enjoy and have a memorable 10th anniversary of the […]

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