Tenzin Yangkyi

Tenzin Yangkyi is a student from Zurich, Switzerland. She was born in 1993 and has a height of 171 cm. She has just completed Class 10. She can speak Tibetan, German, and English, and likes singing, dancing, travelling, and sports.

Since she is interested in acting, fashion, and modelling, her main aim is to become a successful model in future and make it her career. She has already done modelling a few times and was appreciated by her mentors. Fortunately her family supports her interest, so she took this opportunity to participate in Miss Tibet 2011 contest which will further boost her zest to become a great model in future.

In my opinion, Miss Tibet can help the Tibetan issue in a great many ways. Being Miss Tibet means representing Tibet, and the name itself only gets the attention of the media. The media is the ultimate way to raise Tibet's voice to the world. Specially, Miss Tibet can help raise awareness of the Tibetan issue within the youngsters.

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  1. Dolma Lhamo says:

    Even though you don’t have a Tibetan look. I believe your Tibetan heart will keep you alive and help contribute to Tibet’s cause!

  2. Tsering says:

    Hi Yankyi,I am proud of everything you.

  3. tashi nyima says:

    i have c many of comment above…….. dont mind lo…..if u love Tibet , then u r Tibetan. also i am mix of Tibetan and Chinese. but i love tibet…so still i m a tibetan…………..u r the miss tibet…..

  4. real tibetan says:

    the bad thing is.. u r AMANDA and thats forever..

    Miss Switzerland its better maybe..

  5. real tibetan says:

    u r beautiful.. really and gratulation

    But u r NOT TIBETAN… i think its not fair to the other tibetan who wanted a fair game.. in India or somewhere.. cocktail is is cocktail.. i m sorry sweetheart.. u r not deserve the title.. ur not a real tibetan..

  6. RICK KELLER says:

    I am proud of everything you acheived, and I miss you and love you very much.

    Your Dad in Switzerland

  7. Yang hani says:

    Hey congratulations! I hope that you will do something for Tibet and its people. Boe gyal lo!

    • Key says:

      My heartfelt congratulations and Tashi Delek to you for winning the Miss Tibet title for 2011. I hope you would utilize this esteemed Miss Tibet title for Tibetan cause in the years to come and also the title may prove helpful in your future modeling career. I hope and pray you would set good example for Tibetan teenager girls. Bhoe Gyalo!

  8. Nyima Lhamo says:

    Hi Yangkyi ..
    Congrats.. You look pretty … and good luck for your way in modeling… SHINE ON …..

  9. karma rapten says:

    You are the most beautiful of all the contestants ever in history of Miss Tibet. Thumbs up for you and good luck for future. Tashi delek.

    • Tashi Dhundup says:

      If you know the history of Tibet, you would know how is the Tibetan beauty. Tibetan beauty is good in its own way so it applies to the rest. Would you compare Indian beauty to American or to African? I respect all the other Miss Tibets and they are truly Tibetan!

    • Sophitia Alexandra says:

      Totally agree ! Tenzin Yangkyi is the most beautiful Miss Tibet that I have ever seen !

  10. tenzin dechen says:

    Please can you tell me how being Miss Tibet can help in Tibetan issues?

  11. tenzin dechen says:

    hello miss yangkyi la,
    first of all congratulation to u.we all tibetan youngsters r proud of u.i have a question in my mind can u tell me how miss tibet can help in tibetan issues .little detail please.so that by gaining this information,it may encourage youngsters…..thank u and once again congratulations

  12. rigsangkhando says:

    — This comment could not be published because most of it was in ALL CAPS. —

    Hello Rigsang Khando la — Please write your post again, without using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Then we can publish it. ALL CAPS are like YELLING – it is not nice. (See the notes for acceptable comments.)

    Thank you,

    Website admin (btw, i am not Lobsang Wangyal! 🙂 )

  13. Topgyal says:

    I have never attended any of the Miss Tibet contests held till date. Although i like the idea of using this platform not just for the Tibetan cause but also for empowering Tibetan women, i have never enjoyed the event and least of all the winners of this contest. But i do appreciate the unflinching effort by Lobsang Wangyal, and yet am somewhat appalled by such meagre support in our community. This time i can proudly say ‘job done’, cos i think for the first time (according to me), the crown fell into the hands of a truly and completely deserving candidate. Now that the bars and standards are raised, i hope we will see more participation from every deserving tibetan gal. Congrats Yangkyi.

  14. tashi says:


  15. tselha says:

    u deserved it. And U have all those qualities. Will u be my friend?

  16. Kelsang says:

    Hey Yangkyi

    Gratuliere dir viel viel Mal und hoffe hesch e guets Jahr =)
    Bis denn, wends Cola wieder vergissisch =)

  17. tenzin kunga says:

    Hallo Miss Tibet 2011,
    Ich liebe dich – though i am a gal i just wrote it because i know a few words in German, that’s why,
    Hope to see you soon in Paris if you come around lol.
    So take care and be proud to be a Tibetan lo.
    Take care of your health as it’s most important.
    Nicht auf leute horen zu gehen und haben sie inre karriere
    kummern sich und harte arbeit und respektieren ihre eltern
    stolz darauf sein,eine tibetishe madchen
    wunche ihnen ein gutes leben einen koft
    antworten sie mir auf englisch lol

    Your Friend
    Tenzin Kunga

  18. Rigzin Namgyal says:

    Congrats Girl..you are awesome.. i miss you

  19. Rick Keller says:

    To my daughter

    I am very proud of you and I love and miss you very much.

  20. Pass says:

    hi yankyi
    yahh within 6 contest, you are really eligible and also photogenic too.
    i (we ) heard that you are cocktail. but we want to ask you too, do you have green book? (tibetan citizen)?
    Mr Lobsang Wangyal la, till now i didn’t miss your show. i respect your work and also salute you! but 1 question: 5-6-2011 show, Miss Tenzin Yangkey says she is 17 years old. Is it true law? (in television – all Miss were 18- 25 year)
    Directly suggestion – try to patial!

    • tenzindolma says:

      Pass…. just to let you know all tibetans in europe and in usa own greenbook, Rangzem lakdep, and contributing few amount every year. We also have rights to vote president of tibetan govt in exile and we are no doubt part of Tibetan as in Unity in diversity. And Yangkyi is half tibetan but stil she is a tibetan blood. regarding her age 17 or teenage from 16th participate in america next top model or germany top model. its according to rule. hope i clear your confusion. peace out.

      • non.miss.tibet.supporter says:

        Tenzin Dolma la, who says all Tibetans pay their share of the required green book payment?? This is one of the biggest issues we have as Tibetans now, people going abroad and not paying their share unless it’s for their benefits. And please, this is not Tibet top model …. it’s Miss Tibet contest and if we are so called going by the rules, the minimum age is 18. And also…. this Yangkyi seems to me like she found her way into the modeling world as that’s her Sim in life… why *** do you people vote for people who have no knowledge or sense of Tibet?

  21. tenzingr1 says:

    When I checked out the pictures of contestants, I knew right away that you were the most eligible gal to win the title. I even told my friends that you will win it. I even voted for you for Miss Photogenic. But i was there to watch the “talk and talent” round. That day I thought your dress was not very good. Anyways you are beautiful, you were the most deserving of all.

  22. dawa kelsang says:

    Hi dear Tenzin, I was not at the final but my heart knew that I will hear your name for the Miss Tibet. Love you and be a true diva.

  23. Bangalore Bhu Pakla says:

    Hey Tenzin Yangkyi la !!!

    Beauty with brains !! You were the ultimate choice and you won it !!

    All the very best !! And if for anything from Bangalore please do not hesitate to contact me !!!

    Good job again !!!


  24. tsering tsokhim says:

    congratulations!! we are proud of you!

  25. bhuemey semshuk chen says:

    My heartfelt congratulations and Tashi Delek to you for winning the Miss Tibet title for 2011. I hope you would utilize this esteemed Miss Tibet title for the Tibetan cause in the years to come and also the title may prove helpful in your future modeling career. I hope and pray you would set good example for Tibetan teenager girls. Bhoe Gyalo!

  26. tenzin rapsel says:


  27. kelsang wangyal says:

    i am very happy that our Tibetan women are getting such a great opportunity to show their beauty out to the world.i highly appreciate to those who are participated and to those who are supporting it.but i hope some younger ones .because this six seems little too old.

  28. Tashi Paljor says:

    Among super six, you are super star. Congratulations Miss Tibet. I had a confidence: you will become Miss Tibet 2011 while I drop Miss Tibet poster at your house at Dhasa.

    Bravo!!! you are youngest and great lives ahead.

  29. Kuzz says:

    You did it…. and turned up as per my thought…..Sie tat es. Glückwünsche.

  30. Rinzin says:

    Welcome to Miss Tibet world. Hope you will win and to bring out the best to prosperous of free Tibet.

  31. Pema says:

    You’re the most beautiful of all,
    hope you will win! Best of luck Yangkyi !

  32. vineet singh says:

    You are ma fav !! 😉

    ma best wishes for you 🙂

  33. Yeshi says:

    Hi Tenzin Yangkyi

    You are the one of such a very beautiful in this six contest, and talented gal. I wish you win the Miss Tibet.
    Good luck and all the best

  34. Bhuemey Semshuk Chen says:

    All the best, Tenzin Yangkyi la and mirap sarpa from Swiss. I am glad to see such Tibetan beauty from Switzerland. You got the real beauty of Tibetan Girl. I hope you could do well in the talent round. Let’s hope. May the best win.

  35. tsering dhondup says:

    Du siehst sehr gut aus, ich hoffe du gewinnst die krone, ich bin der bruder von jampa und schwister dadon. ich wünsche dir viel glück, ich hoffe wir sehen uns. tsering

  36. tenzin yangkyi says:

    hi yangkyi – i’m sure you will win the miss tibet and don’t let my hope down.

  37. tenzin yangkyi says:

    best of luck and hope u will be first

  38. Yeshi says:

    great looks, good body now only you needs is Semshuk.

  39. Hunsur says:

    Best of Luck. I have seen you in Gonpo Entertainment show on the stage this year. You are perfect among all the contestants. Do the best and make us proud by winning the crown.
    With regards
    Hunsur Bhumo

  40. Tayangz says:

    hey!tashi delek & all the very best to u. U already r my Miss.Tibet. Seriously u look so beautiful & i hope u will make us proud.

  41. Tenzin Choeyang says:

    As far as i know of the Pageant Miss Tibet and its yardstick for the Crown winner …you have in-depth on our culture, great talent, very beautiful, appealing personality and very confident…which is an ideal model for Tibetan women. Hence i feel you deserve to be crowned Miss Tibet 2011….

    best of luck. my vote is indeed for you!!


  42. tenkyi says:

    dear yangkyi, i want to see u wearing the crown, u r da best. BEST OF LUCK

  43. John! says:

    I have never met someone like Yangkyi la in entire life, as much as she looks gorgeous and unique, she is also very humble and polite to everyone. You are beutiful inside and outside., we all love you and support you!

    From Canada

  44. noryang says:

    hi i think u r the best to compare with other so win the crown n be proud to be miss tibet . goood luck n do ur best

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