Tenzin Sangmo

Tenzin Sangmo works as a cashier in McLeod Ganj. She was born in 1986. She is 165 cm in height. She has a B Com degree and likes travelling.

She wants to pursue a career in the aviation sector, and become an air hostess. She loves to travel, and thinks her career choice would help her in fulfilling her dream. She also likes meeting new people and seeing new places, exploring different places around the world. She thinks she has the right attitude for this career line.

Miss Tibet is a great platform for Tibetan women and Tibetan people to create awareness about the issue of Tibet. Miss Tibet gives the right platform for me and women in general to showcase their talents, and with that to spread the message of the cause of Tibet through the medium of Miss Tibet.

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  1. gudness says:

    Sangmo can v b frns?heee thnqxx n hv a chilly saturdsy eve

  2. Tenzin Namgyal says:

    How you going to use this Miss Tibet Platform as another kind of political platform to help the Tibetan cause? As you have mentioned earlier, we can show the world the beautiful unique culture and tradition of our country Tibet….. Well, why do we need to be a part of or only being after winner of Miss Tibet Campaign…… why especially only Miss Tibet campaign?????? There are numbers of other fields where we can, and moreover we are, spreading news and bringing awareness to the world about Tibetan cause…..Anyways, wish you all the best…. Tibetan guy….

    • Kamilah says:

      My best wish to youngest Miss Tibet contestant Tenzin Yangkyi. I have been feeling great on you since i have known you, and i am desiring to see that 2011 Miss Tibet crown on your head. Be proud of Miss Tibet. You will realize that you worked hard enough and you could do just as well as anyone else. It is about the confidence that you have and the effort you are willing to invest.All the best for you. Sherab Dorjee

  3. sonamdorjee says:

    hey Sangmo,
    i may be new to you but i came to know u from Sonam Tashi and he is my friend.
    anyway you did your best but i don’t know they choose that gal and not you. but from my side YOU ARE THE MISS 2011 LO.
    so keep your inner and outer beauty well as there is a chance to show that to other and that time you will be very than the MISS TIBET and your parents will feel proud of you

  4. Dom says:

    Hey Sangmo la, i want to know why they choose Yangkyi as Miss Tibet! Why not you or other good gals? Is there a fixing things happened here? As i was on the show and i feel you were the best and there are other two tall gals after you who were good. i feel something not done fair here. I hate it. Who wants to participate if fixing things happens. You should raise your voice. Did you do something; i want to know as my media friends want to know from USA. Come on tell me ok. You are our Miss Tibet 2011 ok.

  5. rinzin namgyal says:

    hi sangmo best of luck and u deserve it good luck.

  6. Tenzin_mo says:

    hey sangmo lak…. you need to smile while performing. hahaha… All the best for finale round..
    your wellwisher..

  7. Tibetan Welfare office, Dharamshala says:

    Miss Sangmo la, From behalf of all staff of Tibetan Welfare Office, wish you good luck and we all are expecting treat at Black Magic from your side!

  8. gelek says:

    tenzin sangmo… you are so intelligent…confident…..good looking…
    and deserve to be become miss tibet.. wish you all the best good luck.. my blesses are all ways with you…

  9. Tselha says:

    hey Sangmo,
    all the best n i hope u will win this yr Miss Tibet contest. May ur all drmz n wishes come true!
    God Bless You!
    best wishes frm Tselha

  10. tashi says:

    you will be the 2011 miss tibet so my all family wish you and be confident and hope you will win and we want to vote but its not founding so we will wish for lo…………

  11. jampa norbu says:

    we all the staff members at Loseling guest house are sure that you will win this year’s MISS TIBET title.we wish you a good luck and hope you will succeed.Tashi Delek.

  12. Kesang says:

    always admired you whenever i’ve seen you around mcleod :)) you look fabulous and i’m sure you’ll do great in the pageant too… gud luck and keep your head up girl! its a bumpy ride ahead <3

  13. Tenzin Yangchen says:

    hey Sangmo, Omg this is totally awesome to see that you’re competing for the Miss Tibet title. This is Yangchen; your childhood friend/neighbor. God, it’s about time you participate in this contest because you have all the qualities and of course you’re beautiful. I wish you all the best and Good luck.

  14. Taido says:

    Wow nice to see you here Sangmo but you took long time to come here. Anyway, this platform was waiting for you long back
    … good luck and be the best lo.

  15. Thupten says:

    she is looking gorgeous and beautiful, come out with the miss tibet crown and i wish you good luck and i know you can do it.

  16. Tsering Lhamo says:

    Hi Sangmo, we all are hope to you 2011 Miss Tibet.
    Tashi delek and good luck.

  17. Tenzin Yonten says:

    Good Luck…If you want to do something serious about your country and to yourself, you are on the right track,
    Best wishes to Sangmo

  18. Tenzin Palchok says:

    Hi Sangmo, Our wishes are always with you. Hope you will win Miss Tibet 2011.

  19. Tenzin Namgyal says:

    Hi Sangmo la,
    If you win this contest what will you do first? and by reading from above comment given by you or friends or stranger, it seems like you are the strong contestant. So what makes you better from the other contestants?
    thank you.
    good luck
    Tenzin Namgyal

  20. Teztashi ( korean ) says:

    All the best lo dear.

  21. Tsering Choden says:

    All the very best.. hope you can be our next Miss Tibet… wish you luck

  22. tenzin yangchen says:

    Hey Naughty!!
    we are Proud of you lo…Lets have a Party after you won lo..we gals are confidently waiting for your Result. God bless you
    tenzin yangchen.
    nyima dolma

  23. Tenzin Tsetan says:

    Sangmo la!! Right now i am glad to see you here in Miss Tibet Pageant contest….when i was in Bangalore I love you so much and still love you?? As there is a saying ….
    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder…but your beauty lies in the eyes of all the boys and human being as well.
    So best of luck and i love you so much, can i take a photo with you in future Please???
    Tashi delek,
    Tenzin Tsetan

  24. Yeshi Khando says:

    Hi Miss Bangalore Sangmo la. We wish and hope that you will win this Contest, because you are awesome and beautiful and moreover you have great confidence!!!!
    finger cross
    Yeshi Khando

  25. Metok says:

    Hi Tenzin Sangmo, what a beautiful flower you are to represent our Tibet! Hope you’ll be the next Miss Tibet! Sure you will!
    good luck

  26. Thupten Gyatso says:

    Your Beautiful Eyes Makes People Mad
    Your Voluptuous Body Makes People Crazy
    Your Sense of Humour Makes People Dying
    your Mind and Rational Makes People Surprise,
    Now You Are The Only One Who Going to Win the
    ‘ MISS TIBET ‘

  27. Lobsang Dorjee says:

    Hi. You will surely be Miss Tibet 2011. My friends and all the staffs and teachers are expecting you only lo… You are fabulous in education and gorgeous in outlook. If you are not going to win this title, then this question will come: “????? Why ???”

  28. Thupten Gyatso says:

    Hi Sangmo!!
    When i check all the contestants, you are the one and only who will deserve the most Miss Tibet Crown …my Best Wishes Are With You..
    Thupten Gyatso

  29. Dawa Tashi says:

    Tenzin Sangmo la!! For a long time i thought, why you are not participant in Miss Tibet… because i was really fascinated by your tallness and and beautiful face..you deserve Miss Tibet…
    with warm regards
    Dawa Tashi

  30. Ngawang Namgyal says:

    Best of luck, god bless you dasa girl one more time.

  31. Don says:

    Hey tsangmo u luks georgeous i knw you u wil b mt11. All d very best

  32. Jamyang says:

    Hi Sangmo la,
    We all pray for you to win Miss Tibet 2011. Good luck and tashi delek.

  33. Pema Dorjee says:

    The Miss Tibet of the year
    Is the most beautiful
    Only from the contestants,
    To only the eyes of juries.
    Then the Tibetans accept
    Her as a beauty
    Without any dispute
    Just keep on, you will win this!!!

  34. Sonam Chokdup says:

    Hi Sangmo,
    Wish you all the best and do your best. I hope you’ll win the Ms. Tibet 2011 Pageant. My vote definitely goes for you.

    • Tenzin Sangmo says:

      Hay bestfriend
      Thank you for your good wishes and thanks for inspiring me.
      Take care and God bless

  35. Teztashi (Korean bhu) says:

    Every one says best of luck when we are going to do some important things in life.
    Luck our mysterious friend always does his job at unexpected times.
    Wish u all best of luck forever.

  36. Rachel says:

    Hey Sangmo,

    Wish you all the best for this contest also may god bless you with his choiestest blessing n happiness.

    Ample of love.
    Yours ex-hunsurian frdsss

    • Tenzin Sangmo says:

      Thank you all.
      Thank you very much for all of your best wishes and prayers for me.
      Will definitely do my best.

  37. Tenzin says:

    Sangmo good luck. My best wishes are always with you dear.

  38. Nawang says:

    Dear Sangmo Lak
    We all Kham Dakyap people wishing you all the best!
    Good Luck

  39. Tsewang says:

    hey here you are, go for it, i know u can do it, all the best.

  40. tashi says:

    hey best wishes for contest , you have quality to win it .

  41. Tenzin Tsultrim says:

    I hope you will win the Miss Tibet 2011 title. Wish you a very good luck!

  42. Sachin says:

    All the best, Tsangmo.

  43. Dipp says:

    Dear Sangmo, we all the staff of Tennor Restaurant wish you good luck and we all pray for you.

  44. Angel says:

    Give me one good reason you chose this??

    • Tenzin Sangmo says:

      Hello Angel,
      Thank you for the question.
      The reason why i chose to be here in this Miss Tibet contest is because i think this is also an another kind of political activity through which we can show the world the beautiful unique culture and tradition of our country Tibet and i feel so proud and lucky to be here.

  45. Dolma says:

    i wish you win this year’s Miss Tibet title. You are looking really gorgeous. Good luck!

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