Tenzin Khecheo

Tenzin Khecheo is a college student from Minnesota, US. She was born in 1991 and is 171 cm tall. She is pursuing her college degree, and she likes learning new things.

Her goals for the future are first, to graduate from a University with a degree in Nursing, specialising in pediatrics. And to explore the world and connect it with her life. She wants to be a part of the movement of Tibet’s struggle and do what she can to contribute to make the dream of six million Tibetans happen.

I think that just carrying the title of "Miss Tibet" itself brings the word TIBET into the limelight in different ways, for example, the media. By having the media's attention, it will give us an opportunity for our voices to be heard by millions of people all around the world. From an individual aspect, I will get a platform where I can showcase my nation's culture and traditions, which is totally different from China, and moreover can become a voice for six million Tibetan's struggle that can be heard.

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  1. Lobsangtenzin says:

    Tenzin khecheo is the best

  2. karma Tashi says:

    hi there tenzin.. well, i think u r the best among all the contestant,because the way you talk, dance or look whatever is so natural. so i am sorry that you didnt received the crown. god bless.. have a good day…

  3. Ongie says:

    Hey Tenzin, best of luck to you!! You’re awesome and hope you get it!!! Do your best and good luck!!! 😀

  4. tsecyan says:

    i praise your courage and beauty…i will pray for u… go win…it

  5. green dreamer says:

    hi ! khecheo la how is it going ? for me you r the best from those 6 and i think that u have more chance to do like this than others ,so always try hard for ur future and our nation ……….. by the way let me say .. i like you very much ! sure !

  6. choephel Tsering says:

    hi ten-khecho my good wishes r always with u good luck n keep it up

  7. palzom says:

    Hey acha Khecheo good luck and do your best.

  8. Dhondup Chokey says:

    Tashi Delek!!!
    I have gone through the entire Miss Tibet contestant pages and I found you the best. You have got the best body, walking style, face expression, etc. And also your statement was the best.
    Actually my wishes are with the entire contestants but we wish and hope that you will win this Contest. No need to do finger cross for you because you are awesome and beautiful and moreover you have great confidence!!!! Do your best on 4th and 5th night, that’s all. All the very best to you from Zomdrok Travels.

  9. Tenzin Nyima says:

    Yah..we wish you good luck khecheo.. When I see u I hope
    You have that gorgeous crown :)..
    <3 Nyima..

  10. Yangzom says:

    among all the contestants…i like u the most becoz i feel that u have the complete package of being the Miss.Tibet n make us proud. Best Wishes.

  11. golok gyamtso says:

    gud luck

  12. Wangpo says:

    Journey of Thousand miles starts with a single step and you taking those. So, be confident and just walk. You will reach your goal someday. Go…go…go!!!

  13. dickey says:

    khechoe, all the best.u r the best among all. sure u will b the winner

  14. Lhamo Tsering says:

    ཐོབ་མ་ཐོབ་གཙོ་བོ་མིན་ནའང་། ཐོབ་ཤོར་བར་ནས་རྙེད་པའི་ཤེས་བྱ་དང་སློབ་སྦྱོང་ནི་ལག་ཡོང་རྩ་ཆེན་པོ་ཞིག་ཡིན། འབད་བརྩོན་བྱོས།

  15. Kesang says:

    Though i wouldn’t be able to come to the show this year i’m quite positive that you’re a girl who can uphold the young Tibetan woman’s name by being confident, articulate, intelligent AND beautiful. And thankfully at least you can converse more than reasonably well in English 🙂

  16. Karla B says:

    Best of luck Khecheo! I am so confident you’ll win. Everything I know about Tibetan culture I learned from you and your culture is a wonderful one. I can tell that you’ve got a big passion for Tibet. You’ve got everything it takes to make a difference. <3

    • Tenzin Khecheo says:

      karla!!! i love your comment! it finally went through! lol muah love you!!! see you in 2 months 😉

  17. Rigzin Namgyal says:

    How do you write your name in Tibetan? Never really came cross name “Kecheo”… it’s kinda unique I guess.

  18. Pema says:

    Wishing your dreams come true. Miss Tibet is very important platform to showcase our precious identity and culture. All the best.

  19. Sonam says:

    Good luck Khecheo.

  20. Dickyi Dolkar says:

    Hey Khechoe,
    You have got the best body and your statement was the best from all others…you should strive hard to win….we need Miss Tibet who can converse well in English…seriously..and Please speak good Tibetan as well….judges always give special attention to it…..
    good luck….

  21. Lhachi Kunsang says:

    hi achkhecheo good luck.

  22. u.s.a. says:

    GO U.S.A.

  23. Intoxicating says:

    Hi Miss Tibet USA,

    Mr Lobsang Wangyal is doing his part and you are supporting him. That is amazing! You flew from miles away and finally got here.

    One honest compliment that no other girls have is that you have got a hot pair of legs.

    Tashi Delek

  24. Sangpo says:

    Hi Kechoe, you look so cool — best of luck and I am always with you…………rock the world..

    your fan

  25. tenzin tsultrim says:

    hi khecheo good luck!!

  26. Tseten says:

    Go get it Khechup — bring that lil crown here in Minneapolis Mn Ullysses St ne jajaja

    • Tenzin Khecheo says:

      hahaha ashang you’re too funny!!! yeah i’ll try my best to bring it back to ulysses st. ne haha

  27. Tenzin Palkyi says:

    Khecheo!!! Girl, you know you’re gonna win! So, just do your best and all Minnesota wishes you good luck for the competition! GO, Khecheo!!! <3

  28. Tsering says:

    Hi Khecheo — good luck and bring crown home. love ahbhomo.

  29. Danny O says:

    Hi Tenzin, it’s Danny, good luck and my best wishes!

  30. Tenzin says:

    good luck!! may u win!!!!

  31. Tenzin Yangkey says:

    Hi, good luck ! May you win the title…

  32. Darliza Howse says:

    Go TENZIN!!!!!!!!

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