Ngodup Dolma

Ngodup Dolma is a nurse from Australia. She was born in 1986, and stands at 165 cm. Her education level is that of Bachelor of Nursing. She likes reading, singing, dancing, and playing basketball.

She has completed her degree in nursing at the University of Ballarat in Australia. Her long-term plan is to become a midwife, to help women so they don’t die in childbirth as her mother did. As a Tibetan, she has always wanted to do something for the cause of Tibet, and wants to use the role of Miss Tibet to do that.

The Miss Tibet beauty pageant is a very good platform for the young contemporary Tibetan women to speak out for their people and their country. I think it also helps Tibetan women to rise up from that conservative society and guides them to pace with the women of today. Moreover, by being controversial it has drawn people's attention, bringing attention to the issue of Tibet also.

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  1. Ken says:

    I think you are very pretty and you are doing a good job
    I wish you well in your life. I hope you get to do the things that will make you happy. I live in the USA in Wisconsin. I know many countries don’t have it as good as we do and hope that can change for the better.

  2. Will Shirkey says:

    Dolma, I think you are wonderful. Keep up your good work. Both my parents have passed away and it leaves a void in one’s life. I live in USA, in Virginia. Very beautiful here, but like everywhere it takes endless work to accomplish good and make things better. Take care, Will

  3. dawoe says:

    You are our Miss Tibet…

  4. lharong says:

    hello sister,
    i m mussoorie student. as i am topchen’s friend. could you please send me his i.d

  5. tsering says:

    its unfortunate how lobsang wangyal can use the name of miss tibet and manipulate the results in such ways..Tenzin yangkyi and her mother are really dangerous women, they have the nerve to lure anyone..and i bet lobsang wangyal was promised some hard cash to make that 17 yr old tenzin yangkyi (who isnt pure tibetan) win..will never watch miss tibet again

  6. Seble says:

    What can i say my beautiful friend. I am so emotional to see you on this stage. I always knew that you have the abilities to do ANYTHING. I am so proud of you Dolma & i will pray for you to win Miss Tibet 2011 to show the world where Tibet stands. You have to win it Dolma. you go girl.!!!

  7. Lobsag Chodon says:

    Dear Sister,
    Here we all wish you good luck and also we are very proud of you and your achievements. In our prayers and thoughts we all are there for you to support you though we could not come along with you there.
    Wish you luck from all of us.
    love sis Elsy.

  8. John from Macedon Ranges Vic Australia says:

    The ox is slow but the earth is patient…. a remarkable saying in a remarkable part of the world where the Mountains touch the sky… good luck with the raising of awareness of Miss Tibet in exile.. like all things time will change attitudes and bring awareness to this wonderful part of the world…. best wishes and be positive… we create our destiny and you are doing this right now… John.

  9. ཨོ་རིག says:


  10. Tashi Dorjee says:

    Good luck that day when you are going to win. Make sure you are the one special from this contest. I hope you will win!

  11. Yeshi says:

    make us proud Ngodup dolma…go Ngodup go….

  12. Dj Woeser says:

    hey Ngodup….
    hey good luck.. Nam Roshan Karna…

  13. Rinchen Palmo says:

    Hey Ngodup Dolma lak

    Here we are all finger across to you. we trust you will deserve its. So try your best and good luck. we all are waiting for your good news. see you soon.

  14. jampa tendar says:

    good luck dolma la

  15. Tsering says:

    ཁྱོད་རྒྱལ་གྱུར་ཅིག ངས་ཁྱེད་ལ་རེ་བ་ཆེན་པོ་བཟུང་ཡོད། མགོ་བོ་མ་སྒུར་བར་མདུན་དུ་བསྐྱོད།

  16. saldon says:

    she is so good and hot. in this yr miss tibet contest she deserve the crown. hi we are there for u. good luck and be strong. Aza Aza fighting!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tenzin Norbu says:

    Tenzin Sangmo la, wish u all the best. Love you always

  18. tenzin wangdu says:

    hi hope u will win and go back with prayer with u…..

  19. pema youdon says:

    Hey Ngodup dolma la
    ma best wishes are always with u..all the best…

  20. Tenzin Yangchen says:

    Go Australia .we hope you win lo
    God bless you
    Finger cross

  21. Tamdin says:


    Wish you all the best and hope you might be able to great job for the cause of Tibet.


  22. Tenzin Thokmey says:

    Hey you really deserve this crown.. My wish is always with you.. Go and get it…

  23. Sherab Dorjee says:

    Hi Ngodup Dolma. Hard to harder running for crown of Miss Tibet. Good luck.
    Chance opening for you. Go ahead.

  24. tenorchae says:

    Hi… you can make it. You are capable of winning it. I am sending you all my prayers… once you win the title then you have to win the heart of the world to speak out for Tibetan freedom. Bod Gyalo!

  25. Jugney says:

    Just to say.. Good luck….. All the best a

  26. Sonam Dickey says:

    Good Luck Ngodup, I have full confidence in you.

  27. Tsenam says:

    Dear Ngodup Dolma la,

    Wish u a good luck and i am sure that u will come out with Miss Tibet Crown – 2011.

    Jhola Tsenam

  28. Thinley says:

    Dear Ngodup,

    My best wishes are there with you at this step.hope you win this Trophy and i am 100% sure that you will be a great lady of our country(Tibet)
    Good Luck and am proud to be called your Friend.

    Thinley Chokey

  29. Sonam says:

    Hi 2011 Miss Tibet Ngodup Dolma tashi delek!
    I am so happy to see your picture. I am wishing you to get crown of Miss Tibet 2011.
    Through your participation freedom of Tibet will prevail!
    I am always behind you for the support.

    best friend Sonam Tobden

    • Yeshi says:

      Dear Ngodup la,

      Very hearty Tashi Delek and my best wishes are always with you. You can do it and i really proud of you.
      Good Luck.

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