Chemi Lhazom

Chemi Lhazom is an MBA student from Delhi. She was born in 1986. She is 165 cm tall. She can speak Tibetan, English, and Hindi. She likes travelling, listening to music, and learning new things.

The first goal in her life is to repay the tenderness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which is being given to the Tibetan people and also to a girl like herself, enabling her to advance in this globalised world. It is his virtuous power of upholding our country despite being in exile that motivates her to achieve this goal. Then, she wishes to become a corporate woman to serve her nation.

This is an opportunity being given to the Tibetan woman to speak to the world and have a voice against China. By representing our country to the world through this pageant, it shows that we have our own country which is entirely different from China, in culture, religion, language and tradition.

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  1. Tenzin Zimpa says:

    Have a good life.

  2. tenzin sangmo says:

    hi chime, congratss! love your guts n progressive attitude.. DREAM BIG! Keep up.. lots of appreciation…<3

  3. khando says:

    opportunity never come twice, so i like your confidence, and i proud that we tibetan woman have such wonderful zeal on what like to do.

  4. Deepali Srivastava says:

    N where r u?? send me ur contact no… I think u r on facebook I have allready send u a request…

  5. Deepali Srivastava says:

    Hey buddy…. how r u??? long time… hah…. all d best for thz competition… go and win it….

  6. passang says:

    hi chime,
    i don’t know about you but i can’t tolerate those people using bad comment. these guys were jealousing on you and maybe they are begging vote to their relatives. or they didn’t get this platform. that’s why!
    Just want to say, Never give up. and hope for the best.
    i am very excited on Mr Lobsang Wangyal suit colour. good luck

  7. sontsee says:

    Trust your heart don’t be afraid
    Trust your heart don’t be afraid to reach out to something new. Go ahead get your hopes up even if things turn out differently than you have imagined. You will have tried, you will have learned, you never have to live with regrets. It seems to me what wears us down the most in life aren’t the chances we take but the ones we don’t take, the dreams we put aside, the adventure we push away. So whatever you want in life go for it and always remember no-matter what trust your heart…. Good wishes for Miss Tibet 2011… Tashi Delek

  8. tenzin ngawang says:

    hi acha,wat a suprise.all the best for the competition

  9. dolma says:

    good luck …. and lots of wishes are towards you.. get a new experience and try to achieve your goal… word hard . we r with you

  10. gautam k. dey says:

    hay chemi good luck…. from INC

  11. tenzin wosel says:

    All the best Chemi lhazom from ME n All the IMS student…
    WE are sure YOu are on the right path..
    U’ll definately become Miss Tibet..

  12. Tenzin Namchoe says:

    dear my great pleasure to see that you take part of this contest. whether you will get the tittle of miss tibet or not, most important is get new experience in your life …can prove you are a young educated tibetan woman , so keep the spirit and ignore those rumors…you are an elegant lady ..good luck…from namchoe

  13. Tenzing Namgyal says:

    Hi chemi la?
    Former prime minister Samdong Rinpoche said that “Miss Tibet” is against the Buddhist religion and also “un-Tibetan”, So. what are you going to say about this?.
    thank you.
    all the best
    Tenzing Namgyal

    • Lhakpa Tsering says:

      That time Samdong Rinpoche only thinks on religion not on the social life and changing world, if he really said that, but I don’t think he said such. So we all should try to be a little more alive in this world.

      • Rigzin Namgyal says:

        I personally heard it when I attended a workshop organised by TPPRC. It’s a fact he is against such events and widely criticized at the very beginning. But thanks to modernization, we don’t have to repeat the history. They can’t stop like they did during 13th Dalai Lama introduction of Modern School and Military Station. This is power of Democracy…

  14. Tsering Dhigme says:

    Some of the comments are very harsh and discouraging. Being Buddhist, we should not harm others’ image and demoralise anybody. Her outlook is really nice and she might have a most beautiful compassionate heart. Who knows? So please respect Tibetan women, and Tibetan women should also respect Tibetan men. Good luck in your quest of Miss Tibet. If i am judge then i will select you. All the best… Cheme lak.

  15. Youtso says:

    Ummm to be honest, you’re not really pretty, and i understand why “miss tibet community” picked you up because there weren’t enough girls to participate. Please i would love if you guys just stop talking about “doing some good for Tibet” because you guys don’t. You just take part in this thing because you want some money. You just don’t care about Tibet at all. You’re being a corporate woman doesn’t solve anything for the situation of Tibet — it needs independence. It needs people who can give them that.

    I really like the stuff that you wrote in your pink box section — but i would like it more if you really are true in your words.

    And yes i know that my comment is not going to be posted on here because you people would think its rude. But guess what — it’s the truth, and truth hurts. 🙂

    • tenzingR1 says:

      This is in response to the comment above by Miss Youtso…Well its easy to blab from a distance…what can a lone girl do for Tibet?? If you are a Tibetan, then its the responsibility of each and everyone of us to contribute…no one is accountable or no one can be held responsible for a cause of a country..we aren’t dealing with a trivial issue..and ya if don’t have the guts and beauty to come out and participate in the pageant, why should you discourage and demean strong, beautiful and courageous girl like Chemi? offence..but I pity you for your shortsighted and rotten attitude…

      yours sincerely/honestly

  16. Jonathan F.S says:

    Hello Chemi,
    Nice to see you up there in the contestant list. Wish you a very happy moment and I hope and pray to crown the Miss title on you. Good luck and smile.
    Your fan

  17. Gyaltsen says:

    Hi Chemi,

    It is a brave and bold decision to participate in the Miss Tibet contest 2011. Now you are in the public glare and media attention. You look great and I hope you will win the crown this time. But I have one humble suggestion: that you need to give a little smile and say cheese all the time. This will surely win lots of hearts especially when you are in such a competition in your life. As you know well first impression is the lasting impression. So, all the best and go get Miss Tibet 2011.

    Your well wisher.

  18. Odon Gupta says:

    Oh, I highly appreciated for your participation when I see your photo. I could figure out that you are straight-forward and sincere. I pray and wish for you to get the crown of Miss Tibet 2011! Any how, whether you get or not, I crown you the Miss Tibet 2011… The truth prevails!!!!!!! Your fan…

    • Chemi Lhazom says:

      Thank you for your comment. i am very glad to receive your comment. i will do my best to make my friends, parent and my country proud.

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