International Pageants

Each Miss Tibet can go on to represent Tibet in international pageants. So far nine of the winners and one contestant have participated in a total of twelve international pageants. Although the Pageant is not a political platform, apparently it is important enough to the Chinese government to spend their time and effort to express their displeasure, and to put pressure on organisers of those pageants. On two occasions the Tibet contestant withdrew rather than being forced to wear a sash saying “Miss Tibet-China” rather than “Miss Tibet”.

The Pageants

Miss Tibet 2018 Tenzin Yonten

Miss Tibet 2018 Tenzin YontenMiss Tibet 2018 Tenzin Yonten participated in the Miss Global Pageant 2018 in the Philippines in 2018.

Miss Tibet 2017 Tenzin Paldon

Miss Tibet 2017 Tenzin PaldonMiss Tibet 2017 Tenzin Paldon participated in the Miss Global Pageant 2017 in Cambodia in 2017.

Miss Tibet 2016 Tenzing Sangnyi

Miss Tibet 2016 Tenzing SangnyiMiss Tibet 2016 Tenzing Sangnyi participated in the Miss Global Pageant 2016 in the Philippines.

Miss Tibet 2015 Pema Choedon

Miss Tibet 2015 Pema ChoedonMiss Tibet 2015 Pema Choedon took part in the Miss Global Pageant 2015 hosted in the Philippines.

Miss Tibet 2011 Tenzin Yangkyi

Miss Tibet 2011 Tenzin YangkyiMiss Tibet 2011 Tenzin Yangkyi participated in the Miss Asia Pacific Pageant in South Korea in 2011.

Miss Tibet 2007 Tenzin Dolma

Miss Tibet 2007 Tenzin DolmaMiss Tibet 2007 Tenzin Dolma participated in the Miss Earth Pageant 2007 in the Philippines.

Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak

Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering ChungtakMiss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak participated in Miss Earth Pageant 2006 in the Philippines, and in the Miss Tourism Pageant 2007 in Malaysia, she had to withdraw due to Chinese government pressure.

Miss Tibet 2004 Tashi Yangchen

Miss Tibet 2004 Tashi YangchenMiss Tibet 2004 Tashi Yangchen went to the Miss Tourism World Pageant in Zimbabwe in 2005, but due to Chinese government pressure she had to withdraw from the Pageant, as she was asked to wear a “Miss Tibet-China” sash.

Miss Tibet 2002 Dolma Tsering

Miss Tibet 2002 Dolma TseringThe first Miss Tibet in 2002 Dolma Tsering participated in two international pageants: Miss Tourism Intercontinental Pageant 2003, Malaysia, where she won the Miss Goodwill Award, and Queen of Tourism International 2003, Mexico, where she won the Best National Costume Award.

One of the contestants of 2002 Tenzin Diki participated in Miss Tourism World in Venezuela in 2003.

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