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  1. Saikat Dey says:

    Miss Tibet 2011 Tenzin Yangkyi is a true Tibetan and inspiring woman. Her fight for Save Tibet is totally Inspiring!
    She is the Best!!

  2. Anon says:


    A Tibetan beauty contest should include much more than western stereotypes of beauty.

    What all forms part of a good woman as per Tibetan culture should form the basis alone.

  3. Lhanzay says:

    [[Deleted as not conforming to comment policy. Lhanzay la, please repost your comment — you can say the same thing in a more useful and informational way!]]

  4. Lhendup T Bhutia says:

    Its very sad to know that our own people don’t accept us because one of our parent is not Tibetan. We are not accepted by other people because our fathers are Tibetan, and Tibetans don’t accept us because we have non-Tibetan mothers. Isn’t that hypocritical? We don’t know where we belong. Though we know our culture but we can’t speak in our language because its not spoken at home. We are proud of our heritage yet we are not accepted. What should offspring like us do? We preach tothe whole world about Buddhism…about non-violence and treating all human beings equally, yet communalism has made life hell for offspring like us. Aren’t we Tibetans? Can’t Tibetans help us………..?

  5. Samten says:

    She is the best “Miss Tibet ” because it them looks not like a Chinese. And her half a blood is better than your whole one!! Greeting Samten

  6. Tash says:

    It’s sad that even fellow Tibetans, instead of being supportive are looking for reasons to discredit the contest winner by attacking her perhaps less than pure Tibetan ancestry. Are the kids with only one Tibetan parent any less Tibetan than the rest? Does it make us less Tibetan if we can’t read and write Tibetan? I think these are insignificant issues which will only cause division. In the years since Tibet came under Chinese rule Tibetans have settled all over the world. Just like other immigrant communities many subcultures have evolved. However, we must all remember the cause and that no matter where we live we are all Tibetan.

    We should as a community always look for ways to bring up the issue of Tibet. And while I don’t care much for the contest I do think it is another platform to bring the issue of Tibet to media attention.

    Positive attitude is what makes brilliant minds, negative attitude and thought is as bad as cancer.

    Pho gyalo

  7. Tsering Choekyap says:

    Do we as Tibetans regard Tsering Woeser, under virtual house arrest in Beijing, who sacrificed her secure job, status, and benefits at the altar of Tibet, a “Hero of Tibet”, for Tibet, of Tibet, by Tibet, and for Tibetan freedom, culture ,and tradition? Hopefully, a yes or no answer to this simple quiz would settle all the dust about who and why of Miss Tibet 2011!

  8. Dolker says:

    I feel shame to say, she doesn’t know anything about Tibet, how come she is Miss Tibet 2011? Neither is she 100% Tibetan.

    • Andhy says:

      all Tibetans pay their share of the required green book payment?? This is one of the biggest issues we have as Tibetans now, people going abroad and not paying their share unless it’s for their benefit. And please, this is not Tibet top model. it’s Miss Tibet contest and if we are so called going by the rules, the minimum age is 18. And also . this Yangkyi seems to me like she found her way into the modeling world as that’s her Sim in life why vote for people who have no knowledge or sense of Tibet?

    • Vinayak says:

      I have never attended any of the Miss Tibet events held till date. Although i like the idea of using this platform not just for the Tibetan cause but also for empowering Tibetan women, i have never enjoyed the event and least of all the winners of this contest. But i do appreciate the unflinching effort by Lobsang Wangyal, and yet am somewhat appalled by such meagre support in our community. This time i can proudly say “job done”, cos i think for the first time (according to me), the crown fell into the hands of a truly and completely deserving candidate. Now that the bars and standards are raised, i hope we will see more participation from every deserving tibetan gal. Congrats Yangkyi.

  9. Dolkar says:

    Is Miss tibet 2011 half Tibetan??
    is she 100% Tibetan?

  10. gyalten thinley says:

    I like to see Miss Tibet pictures.

  11. tseringtashi says:

    Wow, very good.

  12. yeshi says:

    i like to see miss tibet picture

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