Application form for Miss Tibet 2017

Fill the form below to apply to participate in the Miss Tibet Pageant 2017. The application for entering the Miss Tibet Pageant 2017 has opened on 1 December 2016, and close on 31 March 2017.

The Pageant will be held on 3 to 5 June 2017. For more information, see the FAQ page, or contact the Director.


The last date to apply is 31 March 2017.

Criteria in order to apply for Miss Tibet pageant:

  1. Must have Tibetan government tax paid up to date.
  2. Between 17 and 25 years of age.
  3. Minimum 165 cm in height.
  4. Unmarried and not having given birth.
  5. Entry fee: An entry fee is required as a sign of good faith — Rs 1,000 (India, Nepal, Bhutan), € 25 (European countries), $ 50 (US, Canada and other countries). The fee must be received by 15 April 2017. Your application will not be considered until receipt of the fee. Fee is payable through PayPal, bank transfer, or Western Union/Money Gram.
    For bank transfer - Name: Lobsang Wangyal, Account no: 10219842549, Bank name: State Bank of India, Address: Temple Road, McLeod Ganj, HP 176219, India, IFSC code: SBIN0004250
  6. Expenses: Participants will bear their own travelling expenses to and from McLeod Ganj. Food, accommodation and local travels in McLeod Ganj will be provided by Miss Tibet Pageant.
  7. Travel documents: The contestants shall have their passport/travel documents ready by the time they come to compete in the pageant, for possible participation in international pageants. The Director, however, reserves the right to decide on who could be chosen to participate in international pageants. The preference normally will be given to the winner. In case the winner does not possess passport/travel document, the runner-up, or the next with a passport/travel document will be chosen.
read and agree

I have read and understood the criteria and the notice to process my passport/travel document if I don't have one. The information I provide in the following are all true and I shall be responsible for any misinformation by which I may get rejected to compete. I also understand that the organisers will not use my e-mail for any other purposes.

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Files must be JPG or PNG format. 100 to 500 kb per file is best. Large files will take a long time to upload, or may not upload at all. File size limit is 24 mb per file.

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Application opened on 1 December 2016, and will close on 31 March 2017. All information, required documents, and entry fee must be received by 15 April 2017. See the FAQ page for information on applying, or contact the Director.

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